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14 Highly Used Platforms to Trade Stuff Online

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Everyone has things that they don’t want, and doesn’t have things that they do want or actually need. To bridge this gap usually requires selling what you don’t want and buying what you need, while generally not coming out ahead on either transaction. Why don’t you trade stuff online and bartering allows you to determine the value of what you have and to find something of roughly the same value that you need?

#1. EasyMarkets

One of the most obvious things to trade in is stocks! With Easy Markets you will be able to trade without the worry because currency exchange is simple. The platform is extremely user friendly so that users can trade the markets that they want. Transparency is important to Easy Markets and they will actually provide training courses in many languages and support that is available 5 days of the week. Users can enjoy risk free trading as this platform uses the most advanced technology to facilitate the market trades.

#2. BizXchange

When businesses aren’t in direct competition with each other, they are involved in similar marketplaces which is when BizXchange can help. When this happens, it benefits everyone to cooperate and establish a relationship in which they help each other in regards to things such as sales and marketing. These relationships give you the opportunity to work closely with like-minded individuals.

#3. Craigslist

Think of the newspaper classifieds online, except with no boundaries. That’s Craigslist in a nutshell. You can buy, sell, and trade just about anything you could ever imagine. There, you will find things that you never even knew that you needed or wanted in your life. It is free to list, and a great way to get rid of the extra junk you have, or acquire new junk for your collection.

#4. BabysitterExchange

Here you will be able to gather a group of families that know each other and sign up together to BabysitterExchange. Tasks can be exchanged for free among these families. Schedule babysitters, tutors, pet sitters, and the like while being able to volunteer for similar tasks when you are available. A neighborhood sharing cooperative is an easy way to help and be helped.

#5. Goozex

Trade in both computer games and video games on Goozex, but allow the system to assign a point value to each game that is listed. You won’t set up your own game for game trade. Someone will request something that is worth a set amount of points and if you have that game, you will send them that game and then collect those points. Use then use these points to request a game that you’d like from the site. This has been regarded as a very efficient way to trade games with other users.

#6. SwapThing

Using SwapThing, you can swap pretty much anything. The swaps are negotiated individually between the users. All that you have to do is list the items that you are willing to trade in a swap, and negotiate with the seller that has an item that you want. Once the agreement has been reached, you will send out the items.

#7. Freecycle

Here you will find a place where people are just trying to give their things away. It should be noted that when using Freecycle, it is considered good practice to not only take things, but offer things as well. This is what makes it more laid back than other bartering websites.

#8. SwapACD

Each CD that you send out represents a credit in your account. To request a CD, it’ll cost you $0.49 but you can swap credits among SwapACD, PaperBackSwap and SwapADVD. Because of this, you can effectively trade multiple types of media in one go, like sending out a DVD and getting books back, sending out CDs and requesting DVDs in return.

#9. PaperBackSwap

To trade your books, all that you have to do is list 10 books on PaperBackSwap that you’d like to trade, and the website will give you 2 credits. Each credit represents a book that you can request, and there are over a million books that are listed on the site. When you have a book that someone requests and then you ship it, you will receive a credit when they get the book. Print your shipping label right from the website and then you are all set.

#10. SwapStyle

SwapStyle is ideal for the person that is always changing their style to keep up with the trends. You are able to swap clothing, shoes, purses, cosmetics, and more. All of the items available are mostly for women, but some users of this site say that the items that are available are pretty good.

#11. SwapADVD

Working similarly to PaperBackSwap, when you sign up to Swap ADVD you will list 10 DVDs to receive 2 automatic credits to your account. Each DVD that you send out will also give you a credit, but requesting a DVD will cost one credit as well. These credits are compatible with PaperBackSwap and SwapACD, allowing you to transfer credits among these sites.

#12. Game Trading Zone

On Game Trading Zone you can trade in not just video games, but the accessories that go with them as well. Rather than listing games and getting credit for them, this website allows users to trade their games among each other. Users can create their own library and browse others’, set up their own trades, and ship to each other.

#13. Zwaggle

Trade with other parents to get children’s clothing, accessories, and toys. For each item that you sell, you will receive a number of points (these roughly translate into a dollar amount) that you can spend on other items. Almost everyone that uses Zwaggle is a parent that is looking for bargains on sometimes costly items—this is something that many people can identify with.

#14. U-Exchange

A slightly different type of bargaining site, U-Exchange helps to facilitate face to face bargaining within a specific location. When you visit the site, you can browse through swap proposals in your location and see if there is anything that you need or can trade for. You are able to search among cleaning, electricity, and carpentry services, among many other things.

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