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The Financial Impact of a Truck Accident and How Does a Lawyer Help

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It’s difficult to imagine what one human body can endure after being hit by a large truck. Even the slightest impact has the potential of breaking bones, tearing ligaments and tendons, or even dislocating joints.

As if the injuries weren’t bad enough on their own, they are often compounded by other elements introduced into the accident. It is best to connect with an accident lawyer like Florin Roebig to help you in the situation.

The losses caused by a truck or road accident can be permanent and life-altering. It can also be costly to treat physical injuries sustained in an accident with a big rig. The financial strain of medical bills paired with lost income and property damage can prove overwhelming for many victims.

Here are the direct financial losses that are associated with truck accidents.

Medical Bills

A truck accident can cause an incredible amount of damage to the human body. Medical bills can rise into the hundreds of thousands in some cases.

Even when insurance is involved, it’s not guaranteed that the insurer will cover all costs or that there won’t be out-of-pocket expenses.

Loss of Earnings

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles collects data and researches truck accidents in the city.

Jobs previously available to truck accident victims may no longer be possible, or they can become tough after an accident.

If someone misses too much time at work and is deemed unable to continue working, they could face a loss of employment and the subsequent financial repercussions that come along with it.

Property Damage

It’s not just people who truck accidents can impact – property damage is also a significant financial concern. If someone’s vehicle or home is damaged because of an accident, this means additional costs to fix the issue.

It can often be challenging to have a big rig driver’s insurance company cover the financial cost of property damage because it may be considered an “act of God” rather than a consequence of negligence.

Lost Wages

While many truck accident lawsuits include property damage and medical costs, one of the most common and most damaging financial losses caused by a truck accident is loss of earnings.

It includes income for people who never return to work again or face an extended time away from work because of their injuries.

Future Earnings Losses

If truck accident injuries result in someone not returning to their pre-accident job, they may face a future earnings loss.

Truck accidents often cause a long rehabilitation period and a lot of pain during recovery, leading many people to seek different jobs where they are not subject to the same physical demands.

The possibility of future loss of earnings is often one that truck accident victims think about. The financial damage can be brutal to foresee, recover from or plan for financially during an already traumatic life event.

Reasons to Hire an Accident Attorney

Here are the advantages of contacting  an accident lawyer in the wake of a truck accident

Expert Legal Representation

Truck accidents are complicated to litigate. In most truck accident cases, many parties are liable, including the driver, the company they work for, and even the manufacturer of either their vehicle or its parts.

An attorney who handles these types of cases every day will be able to get compensation for you that covers all your losses.

Negotiation Skills

For insurance companies, truck accident cases are often clear-cut for them. The victim is usually not at fault, so their claim is valid. Insurance companies will offer out-of-court settlements because they would instead settle rather than litigate the case in court.

An attorney who uses negotiation skills to get the most compensation for their clients can often get a better offer than someone unaware of how insurance companies operate.

Avoid Going to Court

A recent news article reported that a Central Florida kindergarten student was fatally struck by a pickup truck while walking to school.

Going to court over any personal injury case can be emotionally complex. Litigating after a truck accident can also be expensive and time-consuming for both sides of the dispute.

An expert lawyer like Florin Roebig will be much more familiar with the process and can help ensure that things move along quickly, so you don’t have to go without compensation for too long.

Get Paid in a Timely Manner

Litigating after an accident is not only emotionally trying but also expensive and time-consuming.

It means that people who can stay afloat financially during the litigation process are in a better position to get compensated for their damages. A lawyer who negotiates a quick settlement will often get the money into the hands of their clients before an insurance company changes its mind or tries to move the case into court.


Final Words

Truck accidents are the most devastating types of accidents that people face. For truck accident victims, hiring an accident attorney is a must because many different types of damages must be accounted for in every case.


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