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The Motley Fool Rule Breaker Review

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Are you not investing because it is too risky? Maybe you are intimidated by the market volatility?

The bottom line is that any financial advisor is going to suggest investing to reach your financial goals. Once you start exploring stocks, bonds, and ETF’s, you’ll notice different numbers every day. Seeing a stock soar and then plummet might keep you from taking the first step.

The truth is that the stock market will fluctuate, and winning the market takes a lot of work.

What is The Motley Fool?

Beating the stock market is exactly what the Gardner Brothers set out to do with The Motley Fool. Created back in 1993, the Motley Fool is an expert investment company.

These two young men blazed a path to win the market, and win, they did. Their first year garnered higher returns than the S&P 500. That’s when they flipped the script and started sharing everything they knew with you.

You Can Call The Gardner Brothers Rule Breakers

Just like Shakespeare’s Motley Fool broke through a societal norm by transcending from the court to the common people, these brothers have broken the stock market rules. By exposing their rule breaker portfolio to millions of people, the Gardner brothers have made a societal impact and bridged the wealth gap.

The Rule Breaker Portfolio

The Motley Fool created the Rule Breaker portfolio to share industry disruptor stock picks with their customer base. When you buy the stock of an industry disrupter and that stock does well, you can expect very high returns. Think of big industry winners like Tesla, Facebook, or Shopify.

Yes, these stocks were all a part of the Rule Breakers.

So, now you might be asking if the Motley Fool’s stock picks can actually beat the stock market? Yes and No. The track record proves that the stock picks fare very well but not every stock pick will be a catastrophic win.

How Well Do Motley Fool’s Stock Picks Perform?

Motley Fool’s investing methodology is not compatible with day trading. They insist on buying and holding stocks for at least 3 to 5 years. Take a look at how some of Motley Fool’s stocks picks are doing today.

To utilize this investing philosophy, you must trust the process. Unlike day-trading’s short-term profit opportunities, you must have patience. To truly beat the market, timing is everything.

But Will the Stock Pick be a Boom or Bust?

With an impressive track record and years of expertise, we’re going to say that The Motley Fool is breaking the rules and taking names. However, The Motley Fool rejects the notion of an all-or-nothing mindset by diversification.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Along with the Rule Breaker subscription, the Motley Fool offers a multitude of household small-risk stock picks. The number one rule in Motley Fool’s investing philosophy is to broaden your investments to at least 25 companies over time.

Motley Fool Services

As writers, the Gardner brothers have supplied their customer base (and anyone looking for investment advice) a tremendous amount of evidence-based material.  From endless articles to high-quality videos, you can access their expertise with a simple click of your phone.

They also offer several premium services with over 10 Rule Breaker collections. From Marijuana Masters to Energy Insiders.

Becoming a Rule Breaker

The Motley Fool’s basic Rule Breaker is a popular package available to purchase on their website. When you become one of the rule-breakers, you get:

  • Two new stock picks every month
  • Five stock recommendations chosen from over 200 stocks
  • Foundational stock recommendations for new and experienced investors
  • Access to a community of investors to help you invest and share their educational materials.

Expect these high-growth business stock pics to become tomorrow’s market leaders. With returns three times higher than an S&P 500, the results speak for themselves.

Should you expect to become rich and be able to quit your day job after five years with the Rule Breaker portfolio? Probably not. However, the proven way to become a stock market millionaire starts with real-life expectations. Then you must move forward to meet your financial goals.

Is the Answer To Your Stock Market Woes The Motley Fool?

Are you on the fence about investing and need advice that you can trust? The Motley Fool has proven over and over again that their hard work, intuition, and personalized metrics get results. If you’re feeling the lure of a low-risk-high reward venture, Rule Breakers might be perfect for you.

Financial experts agree that the Motley Fool is worth it. With their customized returns are outperforming average returns by over 600%, it makes sense.

A Motley Fool is the kind of fool you want to be in life. You’re allowing your money to work for you and don’t need to do more than a five-minute check-in every month to tune up your profile.

It’s unanimous and easy to get started. Act now to build long-term wealth today.

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