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10 DIY Ideas for Old Phones

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DIY projects are always fun, through these you don’t the only experience the fun part but you also get to know about the creative side in you. DIY projects are usually simple and easy to perform, but they genuinely make the look of your phone elevated and gorgeous. Do you have old used phones at your home on which you can practice for the DIY projects? If you don’t have such phones in your home, we don’t suggest you experiment these DIY projects on your latest expensive phone. We suggest that you should buy used phones to first practice these DIY projects on and then do it for your latest and expensive model.

Following are some of the most fun DIY projects for your phones:

1.  Make The Transparent Back Cover More Fun:

Do you have the old boring transparent silicon back cover for your phone? Guess what! You can upgrade and elevate the transparent back cover of your phone. For this you would just need:

  • Transparent Back Cover
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Different Colored Nail Polishes
  • Sponge
  • Paint Brush

Put an old newspaper underneath to prevent your furniture from being ruined. Take the transparent back cover and with the help of a paintbrush put two thick coats of black paint on the transparent cover and let it dry overnight.

Once you have a black back cover of your phone. The next thing that you have to do is get the sponges and the nail polishes. You can create any design with the help of nail polish. While the most loved design is creating shapes on the cover.

For doing the shapes procedure, you would need scotch tape as well. Put the scotch tape on the back cover in such a way that you can see some clearly defined shapes. Then pour the different colored nail polishes on the back cover. After pouring the nail polishes, disperse them on the cover with the help of sponges. Once it’s dry, take off the scotch tape and enjoy the one of a kind back cover for your phone. Spreading the colors with the help of sponges give a rough texture that looks beautiful.

2.  Transfer Your Picture on the Back Cover:

Who doesn’t want to have his own picture on the back cover of his phone? You can have your picture on the back cover of your phone now. You would only need:

  • Laser print of your picture on a plain paper
  • White Glue
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Transparent back cover

You would just need these 5 things to get you to picture transferred on the transparent back cover of your phone.

Cut the picture in the size of the back cover, then generously apply white glue on the inside of your back cover. Once you have a thick coat of white glue on the back cover of your phone, you simply have to stick your photo on it. Now comes the most difficult part of all, you will have to wait for a day or two to make it dry completely. Leave the cover at a dry place.

After a day or two when the cover gets completely dry, with the help of a sponge make the paper wet. Don’t make it too wet and don’t leave it too dry as well. Once the paper on the back cover is completely wet, start rubbing the paper with your bare hands. Don’t apply too much pressure while rubbing. Rub in a circular motion until the paper gets off completely. Your picture would appear on the back cover once the paper is off. When the paper gets off completely, apply a thin coat of white glue on it again, and leave it to get dry.

Once it’s completely dry, enjoy the transparent back cover of your phone with your picture on it!

Note: Don’t rub the paper too hard, if you do so it would rub out your picture as well and don’t use it without the last coat of white glue, as your picture would then be ruined.

3.  Everyone Wants a Stylus!

You get to know the importance of a stylus when it’s cold outside and you are wearing gloves. Using the phone while wearing gloves is an impossible task. To help you out with this problem, we would let you know the procedure of making a cheap stylus for your phone. This is a fun DIY project to make a stylus for your phone. The procedure would only take like a maximum of half an hour!

You would be needing:

  • Pen or a Pencil
  • Cotton Bud
  • Glue
  • Foil Paper
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paints (Optional)

Take the pen and disassemble it. Take out everything from within the pen, as you would only need the plastic body. Take scissors and cut one cotton side of the cotton bud. Then glue the cotton bud onto the tip of the pen, make sure that the cotton bud is fixed properly on the tip of the plastic body of the pen. Then wrap the piece of foil paper over the pen to make it conductive, leaving the cotton tip. Once you are done with this procedure. You can paint the plastic body with your favorite color.

When you are about to use your stylus, put a droplet of water onto the cotton tip and enjoy wearing the gloves and using the touch screen of your phone at the same time!

4.  Security Camera:

Yes, you can turn your old smartphone into a security camera for your house! You just need to have an old phone with a camera and a WIFI connection for this. There are certain applications available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store that can turn your old phone into a security camera. You just have to download the applications and sign up for them.

Once you have the application on your phone, you just have to place your phone at a place from where you can see the important places in your house. Whenever you plan to go out, just plug in the old phone (security camera) to charge, connect   WIFI and open the application. You can see the inside of your house live whenever you want on your current smartphone through your security camera (old phone).

5.  Practice Making a Back Cover on Your Old Phone:

You can make the back cover for your phone at home. This DIY project is really easy and fun, you would only have to spare a few minutes to get yourself a nice cover for your old phone. Practice making the cover for your old phone and once you are an expert, you can easily make a cover for your current expensive phone.

For this project you would need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Parchment Paper
  • Scotch Tape

Just from these three things, you can easily create a back cover for your phone.

Take your old phone and put parchment paper over it with the help of scotch tape. Make sure that the parchment paper doesn’t slip off and is tightly attached to the phone. Heat the glue gun properly, once it’s heated, you then have to start pouring the hot silicon glue from the glue gun over the parchment paper. Pour it on the sides of your phone first. Leaving the spaces for the volume button, power button, charging port and audio jack (If it has one). Once the sides are completed, you can then try making your favorite designs on the back of the parchment paper.

Now that the back cover is made with the help of silicon glue, you just have to wait for the silicon glue to cool down, then pull the silicon cover from the parchment paper gently and unwrap your phone. You can now enjoy with the new DIY back cover for your old phone.

Practice making covers on the old phone, and once you’re an expert in it; you can make a cover for your latest and expensive mobile as well.

6.  Portable Projector:

Yes, you don’t have to spend much on purchasing a projector for a movie night. You can easily make one for yourself with your old used phones and some other simple materials. The materials that you would need to make a portable projector are:

  • A Shoe Box
  • Cheap Magnifying Glass
  • Glue
  • Poly Foam Sheets
  • Paper Cutter
  • Fun wrapping sheet

Take the shoe box and cover it with your favorite wrapping sheet. Don’t you want the outer body of your portable project to look beautiful! Shoebox serves as the body of your projector.

Cut a hole of the size of magnifying glass on one side of the shoe box with the help of the paper cutter. Fix the magnifying glass in the hole with the help of glue. Be careful with this, as you don’t want the glue to make a mess on the magnifying glass.

Once you fix the magnifying glass at the side of the shoe box, cut poly foam to make a stand for your used phone. Then fix the poly foam stand of your phone inside the shoe box at the other. Place your phone inside the shoe box on the stand and close the box.

Enjoy the videos in your phone through your portable projector on a white screen!

Note: Keep the brightness of your phone at a maximum level when it’s in the shoe box to enjoy the videos in good brightness.

7.  Aerial Shots:

Everyone wants to be creative when taking pictures with their friends. We can suggest you a trick through which your friends would love you even more! For this DIY trick you would need:

  • Big Helium Balloon
  • Thread
  • An old smartphone with a camera
  • Smartwatch or Smart band
  • Heavy duty tape
  • Some friends or your family!

Take the big helium balloon and tape up your phone on the helium balloon carefully so it doesn’t fall. Connect your phone to the smartwatch or smart band, and find the best location to take aerial shots with your friends and family.  Tie the thread onto the helium balloon and let it fly! Grab the thread carefully so the balloon doesn’t fly away.

With the help of your smartwatch or smart band, take pictures with your family or friends while your phone is in the air with the helium balloon. Take lots and lots of pictures! And then bring the helium balloon and your smartphone down and check the amazing aerial shots that you have taken with your friends.

Now you don’t need to spend much on getting a drone to take aerial shots with your friends!

8.  Dedicated Tool for Reading:

Who need books in this era! Although hard copies of books are the best when you want to read. Books serve as your friend when you need one. But when you are traveling, taking the books along with you is almost an impossible task.

You can easily download your favorite eBooks on your old phones. And you can read your favorite book wherever and whenever you want on your old mobile phone. Now you don’t need to worry about taking a bunch of books along with you when you are traveling as you have a dedicated tool for keeping all your favorite books.

9.  Music Player:

You can turn your used mobile phones into dedicated music playing tools. Battery drainage is a worrisome thing for every one of us. If you have an old smartphone with you then you can use that as your music player and save the battery of your latest expensive one.

Just save your favorite songs on your old and used mobile phone, and dance nonstop with your favorite melodies!

10.  Dash-cam:

You don’t have to spend a lot on purchasing a dash-cam for your car when you have an old smartphone. You can simply use your old device as a dash-cam, by installing it on the dashboard of your car. You can download certain apps available for free on your phone and make it a dash-cam.


These are some of the DIY ideas for your old phones. You can easily try them and turn your old devices into something useful. If you don’t have an old phone with you, you can always buy used phones from at cheap rates. So what are you waiting for, go through the wide range of used mobile phones available on our website and buy one for these DIY projects and discover your creative side!

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