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How to Make and Spend Money: Tips from People Who Know About It

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Henry Ford, Robert Kiyosaki, Bodo Schaefer, and other successful people – about how to achieve prosperity.


1. Henry Ford, American industrialist, inventor

The legendary industrialist, car factory owner, and inventor was an optimist. He believed that one should always learn despite his age, was constantly looking for new approaches, and was not afraid of difficulties.

Money for Henry Ford was a source of acquiring new experience and knowledge. That is why he advised investing in himself – it is the only way to come to success.

Tips from Henry Ford

  • If money is your hope for independence, you will never be independent. The only real guarantee a person can have in this world is his stock of knowledge, experience, and opportunity.
  • The secret of success and wealth is being able to understand other people as well as yourself. One must learn to look at each case through one’s own and others’ eyes. Different points of view will present one correct one.
  • Old people teach us to save money, to save for better times. This is very bad advice and not worth listening to. Don’t save your nickels in the bank. Put everything into your development. I didn’t save a single dollar until I was forty, everything was invested in further development.


2.Warren Buffett, American entrepreneur, investor

Warren Buffett is considered the greatest investor of all time. His triumphant ascent to financial Olympus began with 10 thousand dollars and the foundation of an investment company in the 1960s.

Today Buffett is one of the richest men in the world (his fortune is estimated at $77.3 billion) and the largest philanthropist. He is called a visionary and oracle from Omaha, the city where he was born.

The main secret of how to achieve long-term success, according to Buffett, is the following: it is necessary to follow certain principles and to be patient and thrifty.

Tips from Warren Buffett

  • Buy only what you would gladly own if the market closed for ten years.
  • I don’t care if it’s socks or stocks: I like to buy quality goods at discounted prices.
  • Constantly putting off looking for a good job and sitting through one that depresses you is like putting off sex until retirement.
  • If you have a choice, it’s much more important to say no than yes.
  • I always knew I was going to be rich, never doubted it for a minute.


3. Robert Kiyosaki, American businessman, writer

Robert Kiyosaki was not always successful. He worked as a salesman, then started his own business. But in the 1980s he lost everything and, in his words, “began to consider himself a loser. That is why his advice often repeats the same idea: to come to success, you need to believe in yourself.

Fifteen years later together with his partner, he founded the international educational company Rich Dad`s Organization, which taught business and investing. And at the age of 47 Kiyosaki wrote the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Now he is the author of nearly three dozen books. The value of the businessman’s list of assets is estimated at $80 million.

Tips from Robert Kiyosaki

  • First and foremost, you need to look at value, not price.
  • If you can’t see yourself as rich, you can never achieve it.
  • The word “impossible” blocks your potential, while the question “How can I do it?” gets your brain working at full throttle.
  • Saving money is good advice for the poor and average person. For building wealth, it’s bad advice.
  • The key to wealth is knowing how to make the hard stuff easy. After all, the purpose of business is to make life easier, not harder. And it is the business that makes life as easy as possible that makes the most money.
  • The most valuable asset is time. Most people can’t use it properly. They work hard to make the rich richer, but they don’t make the effort to make themselves rich.


4. Bodo Schaefer, financial consultant, writer

Bodo Schaefer is called the financial Mozart: he is considered one of the best practitioners in the field of time management and financial management. As a child, Schaefer gave himself the word to earn his first million by the age of 30.

At 16, he left to conquer the United States, then moved to Mexico. At 26, he became a complete bankrupt. But that didn’t break him.

Schaefer found a teacher who helped him develop financial literacy and become successful. When he turned 30, he had already earned his million and could live on the interest from the accumulated funds. Today Schaefer is the author of many books on finance and time management.

His attitude to money is simple: it is not an end in itself, but a means to buy time to achieve freedom, independence, and happiness in life.

Tips from Bodo Schaefer

  • Wealth does not bring the money you earn, but the money you save.
  • There are two ways to become happy: limit your needs, increase your opportunities. A wise person does both.
  • Money only stays with someone who is ready for it.
  • The more I practice, the luckier I get.
  • A man without faith in himself does nothing, he has nothing, and he is nothing.
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