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Enhancing Your Credit-Worthiness Before a Divorce

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To stay in good shape after the complete divorce process is finalized, it is worthwhile to think about protecting yourself not only from emotional upheaval but also financial stress long before you even start it. You can do it by ensuring that your repayment ability is perfect by the time you fill out your DIY divorce forms. This will allow you to defray all the legal and court costs and have enough cash when you are officially divorced.

Take note that you must get your credit card with your initials on it. Without it, you will run into difficulties when applying for an auto or housing loan or simply paying your utility bills. Landlords usually check credit histories when looking for good tenants. The same goes for employers who review the candidate’s credit reports when deciding which applicant to hire. You can enhance your financial capability by doing the following:


Close Joint Accounts and Open Accounts in Your Name

Loan providers will always check if you have any bank account, as it is usually considered as a sign of good repayment ability. Therefore, they are more likely to approve your loans if there is a bank account held by you. In the minds of investors, people who have growth accounts are credit-worthy clients.

If you and your spouse have opened a joint credit account, then do your best to close it immediately. Let us say, if your partner regularly uses your account and often fails to discharge indebtedness on time, such behavior can spoil your repayment ability a lot so that you will have lots of financial problems when making a fresh start on your own. If you suspect that your husband is dead set against filing for divorce online in Washington state and strives to save your marriage by hook or by crook, it makes sense to close this account long before he or she tries to sabotage your repayment ability.


Obtain a Credit Card Before Divorce Finalization

Now, you probably have little to no credit standing because you didn’t have the opportunity to build it. Let us say, your spouse is the only one whose name is on all your credit cards: he or she has applied for the car, housing, and other loans. If so, then your credit history is poor simply because all your credit cards were held in your “almost” ex’s name. You can start building your reputation by getting a card, but you should make sure that your partner’s name isn’t added anywhere. No matter how poor your credit history is and how high the percentage rates are, the ice has been broken. Make use of available money when a need arises, but do your best to stay current on all your payments.


Getting an Installment Loan

By applying for a car loan and getting it approved, you can start building your financial capability. Know that you will have to pay a lot initially, mainly because it is your first loan. However, take note that if you make all your payments on time for two years or so, your interest rate will essentially be lowered. If you have some spare cash, you can go for lower monthly payments by making a few additional or double ones. It doesn’t make any sense to punch above your weight and get a car that you hardly can afford. Be wise and purchase a vehicle that you are sure will not drain you dry.


Request Credit Reports Regularly and Contact Lenders When Necessary

Keep in mind that every year you can get your credit reports at no charge at all. Look through them carefully to detect all the slips and dispute them straight away. Check if all the data provided by a reporting agency is correct and up-to-date, and if it is not, make sure that everything is fixed as soon as possible. As soon as you get rid of all the false info, your status will improve.

Don’t neglect to contact your creditors every time you miss your payment deadlines or don’t have enough to cover your regular bills. By doing so, you can significantly eliminate the harmful effects of outstanding payments and balances.



In a nutshell, opening your bank account before you initiate a fast divorce online can help you cope with the stress that usually occurs when two married people break up on paper. By getting a loan for a vehicle that suits your budget, you can ensure that your repayment ability is going to increase no matter what. And by auditing your loan files regularly and fixing all the mistakes found in them, you can be a hundred percent sure that nothing can spoil your standing. Even though the worst is ahead, if you are managing your finances with your eyes open in advance, you will deal with all your money matters more easily and with less stress.

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