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Budgeted Tools to Manage Your Finances

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The New Year is not far, the time to make resolutions. The most common resolutions are to lose weight, give up smoking, get organised, travel more, and read more, but a few people resolve to be on top of their spending.

Finance has always been a concern among people. After the holiday season, many of you will be under debt. The beginning months of every year go in the clearance of debt. Not to mention that financial experts suggest making a budget every month, but most of you fail to follow this advice.

When it comes to budgeting, people say that it is monotonous and time-consuming. Well, you need to make a schedule for budgeting. You cannot take control of your finances if you do not create a budget.

Budgeting seems to be simple as long as you do not implement it. However, online budgeting tools can make your job easier and stress-free.


Mint can bring all of your money to one place – from bills to credit score. It is free to sign up. You can connect your financial accounts with the app. You can easily create a budget, and it will give you suggestions based on your spending. you can check your credit score as many times as possible. It also gives suggestions to improve your credit rating. Here are the features of Mint:

  • Create a realistic budget. You will have a record of your spending in one place.
  • After analysing your spending, you can decide where you should whittle down. The app will help you set a goal. You can plan for both one-time-only expenses and recurring expenses.
  • The app will exactly tell how your spending can affect the money you have left at the end of the month. You will get an idea of how you can save more for tomorrow.


YNAB (You Need a Budget) can help you stay on top of your spending even if you are living from paycheque to paycheque. If you are a novice, YNAB is better than Mint. Here is how this app can benefit you:

  • It can teach you how to manage your money.
  • This app can help you save at least £600 by a month or two.
  • The app will teach you how to spend money smartly.
  • You can easily create a budget as it uses a friendly spreadsheet.
  • Since it is helpful for those living from paycheque to paycheque, your budget will be based on the income you have earned, not your future income.


It is also a popular app to keep your finances up to date. This app is the father of other apps because it handles all your finances including, budgeting, investments, and bill payments. Here are the features of Quicken:

  • Unlike YNAB, Quicken will connect to your financial institutions, which is why you can download transactions.
  • Since it is connected to your financial institution, you can access data even if you are away from your home.
  • You can view balances and outstanding dues anytime from anywhere.
  • You can track your spending. Tracking tools will keep you from overspending.
  • You can check your investment performance.
  • It comes with protection features, for instance, safety from identity theft, evaluating your financial accounts including retirement accounts for fraud detection.


Envelope app is beneficial if you want to categorise your spending. You can set a spending limit for each of your categories and then the app will make sure you do not spend more than your set limit.

  • You will put your income in different categories such as groceries, debt payments, eating outs, night outs, and the like.
  • Without budgeting, you often overspend for each of your category that results in debt. This app can keep you from overspending.
  • You can plan your spending, and you will spend as per the set limit.


Whether you want to track your spending or reduce your bills, PocketGuard can help you stay on top of your finances. The best thing about this app is it helps you with savings along with budgeting.

  • You can link your credit cards, investments, loans, and savings account to see all your finances in one place.
  • Since the app categorises transactions, you will understand where your money goes.
  • Since you can get to know how much you have spent, you can figure out how you can save your money.

Do not underestimate the importance of budgeting. It is the first step to your financial freedom. The aforementioned apps are best to use for budgeting in 2020. All these apps provide security to your login credentials and accounts. You can use them without worrying about the leaking of your private information.

Budgeting gives you a direction to your financial goals instead of wondering where your money went, so start making a budget today. However, remember that budgeting cannot solve all your monetary issues. You may need to borrow money to fund your expenses. Make sure that you borrow money from reputed financial companies like Big Loan Lender.



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