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Getting a Credit Card Without a Credit History

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Acquiring a credit card can be difficult when you’ve recently moved to a new country and don’t have a local credit history. Most of the credit card companies must review applicants’ credit, and without a credit history, you might be denied credit even if you’ve always paid your bills on time. However, that’s not always the case; there are great credit cards that one can get without a credit history.

Top Picks If You Have No Credit History

Some card issuers use alternative methods when reviewing credit card applications. For instance, you can let the issuer analyze your bank account transactions and make a proper decision based on that information. For those seeking credit cards for no credit, this may be one of the best routes to obtaining a credit card that has low fees and excellent benefits.

Best Cashback Card: Petal Cash Back Visa® Card

Petal Cash Back Visa® Card will consider your credit history, if you have one, or can review your linked bank information instead. This card offers a rewards program, that is, cardholder benefits, and there are few fees to worry about, making it an easy-to-use and helpful credit card to keep in your wallet.

There are no foreign transaction, no annual or late payment fees. It earns 1% cashback when you first get the card, later 1.25% cash back once you make six on-time payments, and lastly, 1.5% cashback after making 12 on-time payments. To some extent, it helps in reporting your account details as well as monthly payments to major credit bureaus.

The credit limit can range within $500 to $10,000 depending on someone’s creditworthiness, and a higher credit line could be beneficial if you want to use the card to earn rewards frequently.

Best Cardholder Benefits: Deserve® Classic

Deserve offers many cards that are created specifically for those who are new to credit or new to a particular country. Even without having a credit history, the company can approve your application based on other factors, like your job or bank account balances.

While one earn rewards with the Deserve® Classic card. He’ll receive the same primary benefits that you get with all of the company’s cards: The Deserve® Classic doesn’t usually offer anything extra, but instead, it’s a necessary no-fee card that can help someone reach your credit goals.

Best Student Card: Deserve® Edu

When you’re in the U.S. as a visiting student, you may be eligible for a student credit card. It created the Deserve® Edu card with international students in mind, and it could be one of your top choices. The Deserve® Edu doesn’t require an SSN, which can be helpful if you’re studying in the U.S. lacking a job or anything a tax can come from.

It’s importantly good to note that not every credit card is the same; they have different rates, benefits, features as well as fee. With some credit cards, people can earn cashback for every purchase. Hence one should choose the best credit cards for no credit history.

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