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An overview of great investment opportunities in 2021

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The urge to earn huge returns from the investment initiates the journey of finding the best investment opportunities. Companies or individuals, both are curious about the opportunities that can make their investment optimized to the maximum level. Fact that not all investment opportunities hold the element of high return, it would be wise to consider multiple opportunities while taking a decision of investment.

Every New Year investment trends change, the news, social media, and ads are the sources through which the hype of investment is created, and if investors realize the potential in the market, the trend escalates. For example, virtual currency investment opportunities are in the spotlight, and giant investors like “Elon Musk” are uplifting the trend by making an investment in millions.

The year 2021 could result in making the best use of the savings if appropriate investment opportunities are fully utilized. This article would help you to go through some of the most profitable opportunities that are worth considering.


US equities

If you are interested in long-term investment in equities and stocks, then US stocks are the best option. The stocks of emerging markets are not in a good position, as China has faced a decline in output and growth, whereas countries like Germany, UK and, France, and other European countries are also not in a good position due to Brexit.

The US market looks stabilized for a longer time period. if you are looking forward to an investment opportunity, that could generate high returns in 4 to 5 years, then it is recommended to buy stocks of US companies like Apple and Microsoft. The risk level is quite low in technology stocks.

Secondly, the amount of return from the investment depends upon how much you have in the pocket, you can kick off from $ 1000 and could expand your range to $ 1000000 and even more. The return on the investment would vary between 10% to 20%, and US equities are the most secure investment opportunity in the market considering the current scenario.


Mutual funds

Mutual funds are best for those who are looking forward to benefiting from the investments in the long run. The investment period for mutual funds is between 10 to 15 years and the return on investment is between 10% to 12%. Index funds enable diversify your investment and reduce the risk.

Many people try to figure out which one is better EFTS or mutual funds, well it depends upon the type of investor. If one is not an active investor and does not follow the market on regular basis, then investment in mutual funds would be most appropriate to consider. Investing in equities might be slightly risky but mutual funds are totally risk-free. The stocks could be chosen from a wide variety of sectors. Secondly, there is an annual fee charged which varies from 1 % to 2%.


Company fixed deposits

There is a category of people who are not happy with the banks and want to secure their investment in other types of fixed deposits, such individuals are encouraged to go for company fixed deposits. The company deposits offer much higher returns as compared to banks that vary between 10% to 12%, much better than banks. It is important to invest at the right time in order to achieve a high return on investment.

It is not as good as it looks like, because the level of risk involved in company FD is much higher compared to banks. Due to the risk factor involved, sometimes, high-rated company FD offers low-interest-rate as compared to low-rated company FD.


Real estate

Real estate is an ever-green investment opportunity that holds the potential of resulting in high returns over a couple of years. It is surely the most valuable investment opportunity which offers several ways the initiate. The most common way to get involved in the real estate business is by buying a property directly. One can buy the property to earn from the rent or earn through selling the property when the price of the property has reached above the purchase price.

It is sort of a sensitive investment as tax regulations are involved and there are several other things as well that needs to be considered cautiously. The process of buying and selling the property might be a bit complicated or sensitive but capital gains from the opportunity are worth considering.

For example, Manhattan and New York are among those places where property prices are rising. Property prices in Hong Kong have gone up to more than 130% in recent years. It is important to choose the right city and right property in order to benefit from the investment.



There are multiple other investment opportunities as well that holds significance such as a commodity like gold, pension plans, public provident funds, treasury securities and, ETFs. The online markets are also catching trends like investment in digital currencies offered by companies like “yuan pay group”. The virtual currency markets are much volatile than other online markets.

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