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How Necessary Are Credit Card Fees and Mockups

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The world is leaning more towards cashless spending for obvious reasons. Apart from how much it costs the government of a country to print money, moving around with money is very risky. You could lose your card and not lose any money but if you lose cash, and you never find it, then you have lost whatever amount it was that you lost. You can also imagine a scenario if there was no bank and all the money in the world was in cash. Apart from millions of trees currently existing that would have gone into printing money, it would just be too much to move around. Credit cards are the major reason we are not carrying money all around. However, credit card companies are also now using the opportunity to fleece people unnecessarily.

Credit card fees are not supposed to be necessary. However, there are still some companies that charge money for credit cards. Some banks give different levels of charges that include money to obtain the card, card maintenance fee, ATM withdrawal fees, and other related fees. This is highly unnecessary as the banks should be grateful they could give us credit cards as opposed to seeing it as an opportunity to make money off customers. If there were no credit cards, most people would be visiting the bank at least 10 times more frequently. Many things that we would have visited the bank to collect money to do, we either have them swipe our cards or we use the details on the card to make an online payment. The implication is that banks require lesser staff. If there were no credit cards and other means of payment except cash, banks would need at least 5 times the number of staff they keep and pay to operate.

Fortunately, there are some banks that you can use where you don’t have to worry about credit card fees or mock-ups. If you get an N26 Bank credit card, you would be able to enjoy cheaper credit cards. You would not have to bother about credit card fees or mock-ups. This is because their credit card is mostly free to use for a wide range of services that other banks will charge you money for. You can withdraw from ATM free and several other advantages.

Getting the N26 credit card is very easy. All you have to do is read reviews about the company and its credit cards from those that have used it first. This is required when you want to patronize any online company. Apart from getting to know about their reputation, you will also get some tips that can help you when opening the account and using their services.

If you are satisfied with the reviews, you can subsequently read their terms and conditions on their website. The services you can access for free are clearly stated on their website as well as those you have to pay for and the prices. However, credit card fees will not be an issue when you use their services.

Once you are satisfied with the information you have read about the bank on their website, you can follow the process on the website to open your account. Your credit card will be delivered to you and you can start enjoying free credit card usage.

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