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You Can Enhance Investor Relations with the Right Online Tools

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With the novel coronavirus impacting business, many companies have embraced digital tools to enhance their Investor Relations (IR) program. The right online tools help you connect with your investors safely and securely, but they can also improve the precision of your targeting. Here are some useful online tools that can help you enhance your IR strategy:


AI Targeting Tool

Q4 Inc. is an IR service provider that provides end-to-end investor relations solutions to help simplify processes, enhance communications, and attract and maintain investor relationships. Its AI Targeting tool is powerful enough to crunch over 700 factors in order to predict which of your investors are in the ideal position to buy your stock during the next three months or so. 

You can use such technology that leverages capital markets data with machine learning to match your organization with the ideal investors at the perfect time. 

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Investor Relations CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has transformed the way businesses connect with customers. This technology helps companies manage their relationships and interactions with their clients. 

Good CRM tools enhance productivity, workflow, efficiencies, with various tools that allow business owners to manage relationships without relying on spreadsheets and other types of tedious documents. CRM for IR is like regular CRM software but designed for an Investor Relations Officer (IRO) or anyone managing IR. 

Here are some characteristics of the most useful investor relations CRM tools in the business:

  • Single Solution: The best IR CRM should be a single solution that integrates your organization’s analytics, monitoring tools, and relationship management functionality in one platform.
  • Easy-to-use: While IR CRM should be robust, it should also be easy-to-use with a clean and intuitive user interface (UI). After all, not all IROs have the patience to go through a steep learning curve to learn a new CRM.
  • Shareholder Insights: You need an IR CRM that helps you understand shareholder activity. It should allow you to analyze the impact of your strategy and share relevant data on stock price and shareholder composition to help you hone your corporate narrative on the right investor. 
  • Precision Targeting: Modern IR CRM should take advantage of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you zero in on the ideal investor with accurate behavioral predictions. 
  • Proactive Activist Identification: Time is of the essence when activists subvert your shareholder base. The right IR CRM should help you identify activists on time so that you can formulate a response and stay one step ahead of a potentially hostile scenario. 


Investor Relations Website

You probably know that you need more than a regular website to take command of your brand’s narrative, highlight your products and services, and connect with visitors and convert them into investors. 

A regular web design team simply won’t do. You need to build an IR website with the help of a partner that provides world-class investor relations services and technology to public companies across every industry sector. Here are some features of an excellent IR website:

    • Cutting-edge design: The best IR websites offer a clean, contemporary, and aesthetically appealing look to your target audience. Additionally, your website must be glitch-free and load quickly.
  • Data-driven: Visitors to your website must have an incentive to stay by consuming essential news and information about your company.
  • Security and compliance: Your IR website must comply with regulations from General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, it must offer the best encryption to protect critical data from cybersecurity threats.

Of course, your website must also have the right analytics tools for you to sharpen your engagement efforts with investors. Investor relations teams have a wealth of data nowadays with the following insights:

  • Website visitors
  • Content downloaded
  • Conference call attendees
  • People watching webcasts

With these insights, you can start developing your targeting list. You can even use a chatbot to engage with potential investors in a webcast or conference call. The chatbot can ask them if they’re interested in sitting down and having a more intimate conversation. 

Remember, companies rely 12% less on brokers for investor targeting. Nowadays, over half of all companies use technology platforms to improve investor targeting. 


Investor Relations Webcasting Tools

You don’t have to blow your budget on ticket, food, or hotel fees or risk your health while travelling for investor roadshows across the globe. Run powerful virtual events with IR webcasting technology designed to highlight your brand and develop key relationships. 

And with assistance from an experienced IR company, you can use data and feedback from virtual events to achieve more success in the future. 

Businesses must evolve in a rapidly changing world or get left behind. Online tools that can help your company connect with shareholders and potential investors are a must in the digital landscape. From AI-powered targeting tools and IR CRM to a website with an IR focus, don’t hesitate to use the right technology to augment your IR system.

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