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7 Tips To Encourage Employee Feedback And Improve Workplace Experience

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Businesses need their employees for them to grow and thrive in their industries. Based on this, you, as a business owner, should put your workers’ needs at the forefront, even as you look for ways to make profits. The first primary step to achieve this is by improving your team’s workplace experience. By doing this, your team will be satisfied and work positively with you to attain your company goals.  

However, to determine how and what to improve in your employee’s workplace experience, you need to discover and understand their needs. To uncover this information, you can encourage your employees to provide you with honest feedback and explain to them why you’re asking such. From that information, you can now start drafting the solutions and improvements you want to implement.  


Basically, here are some tips to improve your employee’s workplace experience and to encourage open communication to improve workplace culture:  

 1. Create A Conducive Environment 

The environment in which your team works extensively determines not only their experience but also productivity. 

Invest in a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit for your office. Making sure that your employees are comfortable while working is a very important matter. The temperature in an enclosed area should be addressed seriously, as they’re staying there the whole day. It’s encouraged that the temperature is regulated based on your employee’s conditions. It’s advisable to ask your employees and adjust accordingly. If you’re worried about costs, consult companies within your area, such as Elevation Mechanical HVAC providers to help find a solution depending on your budget and needs. 

Now, it’s one thing to have an HVAC system in place, and it’s another thing for it to be running efficiently. As you purchase your unit, select a provider that will also offer your company AC repairs and maintenance services in the long run.  

As part of creating a conducive environment, ensure you provide comfortable working stations for your team. The chairs should be comfortable enough to prevent back strain and the tables should have the right height for comfort. Having an infrastructure that provides comfort and convenience positively affects your employee’s workplace experience and productivity. 

 2. Create A Positive Work Environment 

The working environment you’re implementing can make or break your business, it can encourage your employees to stay for good or it can make them walk out the door in a heartbeat. 

Eradicate any form of negativity in your office. Negativity is characterized by some cases of bullying, untoward treatment of top management to the juniors, public dismissal, and other forms of abuse. Such an environment lowers your company’s productivity and diminishes a member’s work experience within your company. In addition, these negative scenarios may tarnish your company’s reputation and will seriously affect your company’s credibility in the industry. 

With that being said, you should create a harmonious and productive environment for your staff. Let your top management understand that they should treat everyone else with respect and without discrimination. Additionally, formulate positive ways of dealing with issues, no matter how frustrating it can get. You should face the problem when it arises, to lessen the chances of complications, thus, enabling a positive working environment overall. 

 3. Allow Growth 

An effective way of improving your employee’s workplace experience is by motivating everyone to pursue career growth. Encourage them by offering training for top positions instead of hiring new staff when there’s a vacancy. Have promotions in order every once in a while. This allows your team to grow and not stagnate in their existing careers. Designate junior members to senior employees to act as their mentors. They’ll be guided and prepared for future higher positions in their fields of expertise. 

Besides career growth, personal development is also another way of improving workplace experience. Grow their skills, such as leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  

By tapping into your team’s growth, they’ll feel motivated and inspired, which translates into high productivity levels, benefitting the two parties in the long run.

 4. Encourage Employee Wellness 

It’s also advisable to look at the different aspects of your team’s well-being by having everything in check, especially stress and anxiety which usually pose great threats. Take necessary measures to be sure that your employees are mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially stable to do the tasks that their job entails. 

For instance, if there’s a gym in your building complex, offer discounts for members who want to join. This takes care of their physical health.  

For spiritual purposes, hold daily or weekly morning fellowship and prayers, where all members must attend. If you have staff from other religions, such as Muslims, provide them with a prayer room for their use.  

To encourage social cohesion among your staff, organize regular team-building sessions where your workers can take a break from work. 

By considering your employee’s wellness, they’ll feel they belong to a nurturing community that understands and cares for their overall well-being.  

To encourage staff feedback and open communication, apply the following strategies: 

 5. Have An Open-Door Policy 

An open-door policy in your workplace allows for open communication amongst your staff, despite their seniority. With this in place, there’s no room for fear or intimidation. Your workplace will be a safe space where everyone is given the freedom of expression and opinion.  

Free communication will give your team a platform to freely share their feedback regarding any matter or management without the fear of negative consequences. 

 6. Provide Feedback Opportunities 

Workers won’t voluntarily give you feedback by knocking at your office door. You’ll only get unbiased and honest feedback from your team by giving them platforms to do so. How? 

Conduct regular surveys, where your staff needs to fill in their feedback on forms. The survey form should combine both closed and open-ended questionnaire formats. This allows them to express themselves freely, and they aren’t bound by yes or no answers. For excellent feedback, ensure that the forms don’t require name writing for anonymity. People tend to shy away from giving their honest opinions when they know it can be traced back to them. 

Alternatively, provide an online feedback platform where they can give it in their free time, not necessarily in the office. A suggestion box is another option to consider.  

 7. Act On The Feedback Given 

Encouraging honest feedback is one thing, but acting upon it is another. It’s vital that after receiving the feedback, assessing it and taking an action should be the next step. Regardless of its gravity, it’s still your obligation to find an answer or solution to it.  

Therefore, it’s essential that you act on the feedback given by your workers as soon as possible. It will show them that you care about their well-being and value their opinions. On the other hand, failing to do so might make an impression to your employees that their honest feedback is just taken for granted. At the end of the day, you’ll be on the losing end since a company best thrives from feedback given by their employees to make beneficial improvements along the way. 



By following the tips given in this article, you’re assured that you’ll create a good rapport with your employees, for their benefit and your business as well. Always bear in mind that a happy, contented, and valued worker is a great asset for your business. Therefore, investing in their well-being is the way to go. 

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