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Six Spots in Your Home to Set Up Your Work from Home Nook

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Work from home began as a necessity but has now become a way of life. Many organizations are consciously allowing their workforce to operate from home as it helps increase productivity, efficiency, time management and overall workforce happiness. But with independence and efficiency also comes the challenge of finding the perfect work from home spot in your abode. If you’re wondering how to find your groove in a work from home setup, here are six spots in your home you can choose to get down to work.


Living Room

The living room spells convenience as a work from the home spot. For one, you have access to the main entrance, the kitchen and the backyard to keep an eye on your children and pets. You can also get dinner brewing while knocking off your to-do list. What’s more, if your living room has a functional floating TV unit, it can double up as a makeshift work desk for all your paperwork and files. A well-structured TV unit also allows you to leverage other gadgets in your home to aid your work such as smart home devices, projectors, surround sound systems and more. Choose appealing and spacious floating TV units that add charm and functionality to your living room. Invest in an elegant floating TV unit to make your living room a convenient work haven for yourself.


The kitchen may seem like a noisy or cluttered space to work in, but if you can get around to multi-tasking, working in the kitchen can save you some valuable hours in a day. While you set up your slow-cook dinner or blanche and freeze your vegetables for the week, why not pick up those mundane weekly team status calls? You can even listen in on team briefings, TED talks or meeting minutes while brewing your evening coffee. In short, use your kitchen time to tick-off jobs that require more listening and less doing. That way, you save your desk time for activities that are productive and require your complete mental capabilities.


Sometimes productivity stems from laziness. Lounging on your bed while brainstorming on the next design template could, in fact, work well together. Choosing the bedroom as a work from home spot has several advantages. For one, you’re in utmost comfort. Secondly, you have the privacy to think aloud, ideate and give your mind all the room it needs to get working. Lastly, breakfast in bed can finally be an everyday thing! What’s not to love about brunch in bed? Choose your bedroom as your work from home nook if you have no video meetings on your calendar for the day!


Often an underrated spot for work, the basement can actually be a good area for productivity. It’s got the privacy you need to work on some serious number crunching, data analyses or any job that requires your full concentration. The basement is also one of the cooler spots in a home, ensuring you don’t break a sweat while breaking that to-do list! The next time you find your kids wreaking havoc in your home, you know you have a quiet spot in the basement to catch up with work.


Nothing like sitting under the sky with the wind in your hair to get those brain juices flowing. Use your balcony to free up your thoughts and get some inspiration. It is a great space to have some vacation vibes while you work, making work from home fun and enjoyable. Using the balcony for a days’ work also ensures you aren’t disturbed by other gadgets in the home such as the television, gaming and smart home devices. It helps you cut off from the daily chores and invest your complete energy into creative jobs. If you aren’t going to bolt into the balcony to grab that workspace, we will!


You can never trust children or pets to keep it low during important work calls. The car is the ideal spot to take those high-profile phone calls that require absolute silence. They also work for video discussions – all you need to do is mount your laptop on the dashboard and you have the perfect chest-up shot of yourself that is ideal for professional meetings. The car is a perfect spot to ape the silence and seriousness of an office cubicle. The next time you have a call with a client and your pet dog is going berserk, just slip into your car for the perfect set-up!


Wrap Up

Comfort is key, even when you’re swamped with work! With your whole home open to you, there are several comfortable nooks you can find to get down to work. We hope the above work from home ideas help you slip into comfortable efficiency at home.

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