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Why 95% of Online Trading Businesses Fail

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In the past 10 years, the popularity of online trading as a home-based business has skyrocketed.  Skeptics of online trading will tell you it’s not a good investment. Usually, these people have tried it and failed. But don’t let their failures become your failures. They probably committed some or all of the mistakes that cause online trading businesses to fail. This article lists those mistakes and how you can avoid them.  With this information, you can be one of the successful ones in one of the most fun and lucrative investment businesses around today. 

People Treat It as a Hobby

Trading is not a hobby. It’s a business. You need to treat it like a business, which means working on it at least part-time (10-20 hours a week). If you really want to be successful, full-time is even better. Does that mean you can’t have a full-time job with an online trading business? No, it means you will have to find time outside of your job to run your trades, do your research, etc. 

You will get what you put into online trading. The more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The less time and effort you put into it, the less you’ll get from it.

This time and effort commitment explains why so many fail at trading.  Many people think it is as easy as opening a trading account – just start making trades, and the money will flow in.  Unfortunately, it is not that simple! 

Small Trading Account

The most successful online traders have significant trading capital (money they can afford to lose without impacting their lifestyle), so you want to start with as much risk capital as you can. With a small trading account, you chances of getting wiped out are very high.  The key is to have proper money management.

With this being said, if you don’t have the capital you need, start there with your business. Do what you have to do to gather the capital and then decide to get started with your online trading. While you are gathering that capital, you can start learning everything you can about the business, which leads us to the next mistake. 

Bad Advice

Everyone believes they are an expert in online trading and most people don’t know what they are doing. So, why do they say they know it all? They want you to invest in their consulting services and courses. Those services can be quite pricey, and 9 times out of 10 all it will do is cause you to lose money. You’ll lose money buying bad advice AND by trading online incorrectly. 

Take your time when you looking for a reputable online trader to learn from. Choose someone to be a mentor, so you can connect with that person on a personal level. This way you’ll be able to see him in action bring in the results you would like to see in your online trading business. 

Unrealistic Expectations

Online trading isn’t going to make you a millionaire overnight. It takes time to learn how to do it correctly, so you can generate a nice return on investment. Keep your expectations low, so when you do succeed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

This can be hard to do. When you don’t make the money you thought you would in the beginning, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Prime yourself to not feel this way. That way you’ll stop yourself from feeling that way, and instead, keep moving forward in hopes that you’ll have better results in the near future. 

Run a Successful Online Trading Business

Now you know why most online trading businesses fail, so move forward with this information and make yours succeed. Just remember, it’s not a hobby, you need a decent amount of capital, a mentor who really knows what he is doing, and keep your expectations realistic. These are the ways you can avoid the pitfalls of failure. 


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