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Why Engine Lifting Chains are Crucial to Commercial Fleet Repair

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It’s always exciting to explore new ways to improve the efficiency of your business. You’re in an industry where staying ahead of the curve can make all the difference. One such way is to consider utilizing engine lifting chains in your automotive shop. If you’re also an owner or manager of a logistics company with several road-based fleets, these chains can make your work much easier, especially for drivers. 

You’ll most likely attach engine lifting chains to your vehicle to safely remove objects from commercial fleets. They allow you to remove engines entirely from a vehicle so that technicians and mechanics can work on other parts of the car more quickly than if they’re still inside its frame. Alternatively, you can use them as aids in bringing engines down from within a vehicle. 

The truth is lifting chains do more than just assisting in automotive repairs. They also increase safety by reducing worker injuries to keep your business running smoothly and cost-effectively. This post explores why you need such chains for commercial fleet repairs. 


What Are Lifting Chains? 

Lifting chains are used to lift your car or commercial fleet to enable an operator to assess what’s wrong with it. It makes the work of the repairer easy, especially when they need to check what’s wrong with a car by going under it. It’s like a support system for a car during repairs.  

How Do You Choose The Perfect Engine Lifting Chains? 

Your lifting chain must be well-suited to your needs. That said, here are some ways to choose the right engine for lifting chains: 

  • Know the vehicle weight: Choosing lifting chains based on the weight load of your vehicle will make it easy to find solid supports. You’d be able to support the vehicle, which will prevent it from falling.  
  • Assess the flexibility: Depending on your project, you may want chains that can be stretched without breaking apart. Ideally, chains should allow the object to lean to either side without damage. 
  • Check ratings: Depending on what the project is, some chains are not healthy, and some are. You may need to check industry websites to see their ratings and the conditions they’re most durable for use.  
  • Know the wear and tear resistance: The wear and tear resistance level refers to the capacity of the chain to withstand stress. Some lifting chains are durable and strong enough for heavier vehicles, while some are just fit for slightly heavy vehicles. You deal with logistics, so you need chains fit for the stress. 

Your lifting chain must be well-suited for the conditions it’ll be exposed to. This is why you must tick the boxes above so you can choose the best fit for your mechanical operations.  

Why Do You Need Engine Lifting Chains For Commercial Fleet Repair? 

You don’t have to be an auto mechanic to need a lifting chain since it’ll remain yours and can be reused. There are several reasons why it’s essential for your business, especially in times of emergency repair on the road. 

Here are six reasons why engine lifting chains are crucial to commercial fleet repair: 

1. They Help When It Comes To The Safe Removal Of Engines From Vehicles 

Engine lifting chains are used to remove engines from vehicles. They provide more space and increase safety for the workers by using a chain system. The chains allow for more mobility while working on the engine and make it easier to lift large vehicle parts without the risk of injuries.  

2. They Provide A Space For Technicians And Mechanics To Work On The Vehicle 

The best part about engine lifting chains is that they provide a safe and secure area for technicians and mechanics to work on the vehicle. This not only makes it easier to work on but also to inspect the vehicle. If, after the repair, you’d like to see if the changes you told them about have been fixed, a lifting chain is your go-to for surveillance, especially if you want to ensure that the parts that have been replaced are, indeed, new. 

3. They Allow Automotive Shop Technicians To Access Hidden Parts Of A Car 

Engine lifting chains are crucial for mechanics during car maintenance or running a commercial fleet management system for repairs. They help them access parts of an engine that are hard to reach, including the head gasket and timing chain cover. Most shops have several engine lifting chains because they’re crucial for the tasks that mechanics perform regularly. 

4. They Provide More Flexibility 

These chains are designed to be used in various situations, making them an ideal option for fleet repair. Technicians can use them in many applications since they can customize them to the length, width, and weight of the vehicle being worked on. They’re also flexible enough to bend around corners, making it easy for technicians who need more mobility when working on their vehicles. 

5. They’re Affordable 

They’re cheap to buy in digital or brick-and-mortar stores. They’re also easy to use and transport, store, as well as maintain and repair, and even easier to replace if needed. This means that your drivers, as commercial fleet owners, can have one in their trunk while traveling on the road. This would help them assess any damage to the vehicle before calling the attention of the repairer, especially if it’s a type of damage that they can repair quickly. It’ll save you money in the long run and grow your fleet business. The best part is that you can choose to sell the lifting chains if you feel that you no longer need them. 

6. They Increase Work Safety 

Engine lifting chains can also improve your safety on the job. They provide a safer working environment for technicians. And, since they allow for higher mobility and flexibility, these heavy objects are no longer as difficult to deal with. In addition, engine lifting chains are crucial because they allow technicians to perform repairs more quickly than they would if they didn’t have them. 



Lifting chains saves you time and money, but the real benefit of lifting chains in an automotive shop is keeping workers safe. However, if you’re an owner or manager of a fleet company, lifting chains also give you an edge as you’d know firsthand what’s wrong with your vehicle and if anyone in your company can fix it without seeking the help of technicians, especially if it’s an emergency. Automotive workers spend their days working in garages around heavy equipment at all times, so it’s essential to provide them with the best safety gear and equipment possible.

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