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Why a Diaphragm Liquid Pump is Essential in the Food Processing Business?

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Maintaining high levels of hygiene should be one of your primary objectives as a food processing manufacturer. However, ensuring this across the different food processing stages can be a challenge, and this is where the diaphragm liquid comes in handy. This way, you can avoid even the slightest hygiene issue that could spell disaster for your food processing company.    

The use of diaphragm liquid pumps is also very effective in helping you optimize the use of ingredients, minimize wastage, and boost energy efficiency.  

If you’re still skeptical about its value, below is a guide you can use in outlining the benefits of using the diaphragm liquid pump as a food processing manufacturer:    


What’s A Diaphragm Liquid Pump?   

The diaphragm liquid pump is also known as a pneumatic diaphragm pump, Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pump, or membrane pump. It’s an ideal component in a food processing plant or even a beverage manufacturing company. The AODD is mainly used to pump, clean, and transport various liquids.   

It is essentially a mechanically or hydraulically operated pump that transfers liquids by combing the reciprocating action of thermoplastic or PTFE and rubber. In addition, it pumps the fluid with the help of other appropriate valves such as flap valves, butterfly valves, check valves, and other types of shut-off valves.   

Because the diaphragm liquid pump can easily draw a broad range of fluids, many industries have embraced its use, including food processing companies. This pump also effectively pushes fluids of different viscosities, be they low, medium, or high. The diaphragm liquid pump can be used for numerous uses in the food processing business, and these include;   

  • Handle routine sanitization and cleaning tasks.  
  • Accomplish loading, unloading, and transferring functions.  
  • Push different kinds of liquids regardless of their viscosity.  
  • Handle a wide range of temperatures.  
  • Prevent contamination by maintaining hygiene and protection.    

Using the AODD for these different food processing processes will help your company in several ways, including;  

  • Prevent environmental contamination by preventing the leakage of harmful substances.  
  • Safeguard the workplace and employees by preventing toxic substances from leaking.  
  • Prevent harmful effects on the whole supply chain by properly treating the production process.  
  • Boost your food processing company’s profits by preventing contamination which necessitates you to halt production temporarily. 

Benefits Of Using The Diaphragm Liquid Pump In The Food Processing Industry  

Using the diaphragm liquid pump has numerous benefits to your food processing business, and these include:   

1. It Runs Dry  

Some pumps such as lope pumps, centrifugal pumps, and helical rotor pumps must always be primed to ensure they don’t run dry. If you don’t observe this, there’s a high chance of destroying certain parts or the entire pump altogether. And as a result, this halts your food processing operations, thereby negatively affecting productivity and resulting in the loss of money. Repairing the pumps also isn’t cheap, and this further eats into your company’s profits.   

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about such an issue because the diaphragm liquid pump can run dry without getting destroyed or experiencing any issues. It is because it has no moving parts. Therefore, this pump can be used in any situation, even in scenarios where liquids are very strong and abrasive, as well as corrosive. It can save you from constant worry about buying more replacement pumps when they wear down.  

2. Works Well Under A Broad Range Of Temperatures  

The diaphragm pump can be used in the food processing industry for a broad range of uses. You can use it to handle different fluids, including some particularly damaging substances such as hydrocarbons and acids to baby milk, creams, and drinks. Therefore, it allows for greater flexibility and efficiency. The versatility of this pump to these different materials makes it essential in the food processing industry.   

In addition, the diaphragm liquid pump can work under varying temperature ranges. It means you can adjust it to meet the unique operating condition of the transformation and production processes.  

3. It Doesn’t Need Electricity To Run  

The diaphragm pump is a special pump with two main parts: the pump and the motor. The pump is responsible for transferring the liquid to be pumped, and the motor supplies the power to do so. Because of this, the diaphragm pump can run without needing electricity and uses very little gas, meaning it can still work well even in remote areas beyond the reach of an electrical supply.  

4. It’s Easy To Install  

The diaphragm liquid pump is a single-stage pump hence why it’s easy to install and can be completely assembled within minutes. And despite this pump being made of stainless-steel materials and is encased in a heavy-duty cast iron body and base. The simplicity of its design makes it one of the most efficient and reliable pumps available today. This pump also has the self-priming capability and high output, which allows for highly efficient pumping at low power consumption.    

Therefore, it’s easy to see why AODD is often used in the food processing industry.    

Once installed, this pump is adaptable to various liquids such as food, chemicals, water, and beverages. In addition, this pump provides you with outstanding reliability with its life longer than the piston pump, making it remarkably suitable for dispensing under low pressure.  

5. It Observes The Set Food Safety Guidelines  

Food processing plants in the United States and many countries worldwide are required to operate using strict safety protocols. It’s because contaminants, bacteria, or viruses in food can cause severe illness or death. Luckily, diaphragm liquid pumps can be set to observe the established food safety guidelines implemented by bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   

The pump’s mechanism consists of a flexible rubber membrane that contracts and pushes water through the tube when power is applied. This technology has been shown to work well in the food processing industry. 



The food processing industry can be a big challenge if you’re a manufacturer because finding the right pump for the different applications is often difficult. The main reason for this is the environment and the liquids that are being processed. However, one great solution that emerged more than 50 years ago is the diaphragm liquid pump. This guide might have highlighted the different reasons why you should invest in this equipment if you’re in the food processing business. 

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