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How to Create Seller Website?

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The web is a jungle on which an innumerable number of sites compete, dispute tirelessly customers and market shares. The launch of a new website can then become a scary step: how will I stand out? How will I make my site attractive and generate enough revenue to maximize my profitability?

Creating a salesperson’s website is a mission within the reach of any motivated company: a minimum of investment and knowledge of its market is enough! In this article, we deliver our three main tips to create a seller website to increase your conversions.


The strategy to adopt on your website depends entirely on the identity of your company. Depending on your target, your sector, and your long-term and short-term goals, the objectives will vary.

Depending on age, sector, and vision, a company can have many different objectives. What are yours? Would you simply increase your sales volume? Improve your fame? Build customer loyalty?

Depending on your needs at the moment, the strategy to adopt will be different in order to design a sales website. For example, a company with a loyalty goal will have its teams work on the creation of a member protected by password and offering special offers. Conversely, a site seeking at all costs to generate sales to increase its revenues will focus its design on enhancing the highlighting of products or services and calls to action. Choose your camp and adapt your strategy!

When you want to sell, it is also paramount to know to whom. Thorough knowledge of your target will allow you to conduct studies to determine his tastes, preferences and buying habits. Another great way to make the most of your website!

Targeting a seniors clientele requires an adaptation of the website to make it as a salesperson as possible: for example, it may be necessary to explain the terms related to the web and technology. On the contrary, a young target will require great originality and seamless integration of the social networks on your site. There are many possible adaptations: design, colors, content, let your imagination run wild!

Your positioning is also important: it is the state of mind of a company. It is often summarized in the form of a small sentence explaining the company’s core values. This simple phrase is your reference: you must honor your values, and this will be useful even in the web design phase!

If your positioning advocates the simplicity of access to your products or services, it will then be essential to ensure that this value is represented on your site. Forget about account creation, too long forms, and other complications: the user will be looking for the ease of action you promised! If, on the other hand, your values are closer to luxury and exclusivity, it is important that customers visiting your site feel unique and privileged: so take this into account in order to create the website as a salesperson as possible.


You probably already know: Content marketing is a very important aspect in any of the marketing strategies of companies. It is also paramount in order to make a website seller.

If you want your web pages to attract conversions, it is important to make them as visible as possible to the users. This is why your SEO strategy plays a crucial role in designing a sales website

The basic rule is that each of your content must be absolutely unique: forget the duplication of the description of one product to another similar product! This practice is very detrimental to your SEO and will not play in your favor. It is also important to create content that is sufficiently complete to reinforce the credibility of your site: the ideal is around 500 words per page. Finally, your keywords should be carefully selected and carefully dosed. Choose words that have a strong connection to your activity, and integrate them into your texts intelligently: neither too much nor too little, of course, and alternating between the main keyword and the lexical field of the latter. Referencing to the top assured!

In order to encourage sales, it is also necessary to create a sense of well-being among customers. For this purpose, one thing to do: banish from your website all doors open to negativity!

The main objective here is to totally ignore the constant opposition between a seller and a buyer. We, therefore, advise you to create a seller website to turn your phrases positively as often as possible. For example, a sentence stating ‘You will save $ 30, which is not insignificant’ will be transformed into ‘You will have the chance to save $ 30’. Easy as pie!

There are also some words that should be avoided if you want to create an atmosphere on your site that is conducive to conversion, as well as words recommended to induce the act of purchase. In conclusion: work well your editorial content, and it will return it to you!


The human being is by nature an individual with the spirit of contradiction. When it feels compelled to carry out an action, it is not uncommon for it to steer and refuse to cooperate. To avoid this type of behavior during the conversion process, make sure your client does not feel forced!

When designing your website, be sure to fully integrate the breadcrumb trail. It is often the first option when you want to go back, and its presence is very much appreciated by Internet users.

Also, offer a range of solutions as varied as possible: delivery solutions, dates of appointments, choice of advised, adapt according to your services and your possibilities!

Then, be careful to integrate into the mind of your user the following: whatever action he decides to undertake, the latter will result from his personal choice. To do this, make your calls to action in an interrogative way: “Would you prefer to use one of our classic services or a customized solution? “Would you like to benefit from an exclusive express delivery service? “. A bit of malice, and the trick is played!

The design of a sales web site is based on two things: good market analysis, and sufficient investment from marketing and development teams!

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