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4 Awesome Ways to Convert Your Prospects to Buyers

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Why one needs a website? It is for converting visitors into business, isn’t it? Now just consider a situation where you have a fabulous website design, a smooth navigation menu, attention-grabbing visual effect, and perfect web contents and in spite of having all these you are still unable to convert your website traffic into business.

But wait, it is not always your design glitches or faults that prevent business conversion? Sometimes, simply you need to wait and carry on with the usual process until your visitors start buying. You must remember that there is huge competition among web services to become discoverable and naturally maintaining the visitor footfall for a long period of time is what you require. You need to hold onto your strategy and keep producing the same high-quality content besides maintaining a high standard of UI and UX.

This need of patience while making the basics perfect is like ground principle for any business websites. But are there any other effective ways to boost business conversion with your website? Well, there are time tested ones that we would like to explain here below.

1. Addressing the visitor intents


Any smart website these days understands the importance of addressing user intents to reduce bounce and exit rate. We all know that longer the user spends on webpage there is higher chances of the conversion rate for it. So, if you need to make people browse your products and buy them, you need to make them stay on pace for longer. This happens when with the help of some smart tools you can assess the visitor intents. Thanks to these tools you can easily know when the user intends to exit or press the back button.

Now, as soon as the user presses the back button a pop-up message can appear asking the user whether he really wants to exit. Now this message should impact enough to revive the interest in the user to stay on the page. You can further give him options for signing up for newsletters or can ask him whether he has seen the latest arrivals or the latest content of his interest, etc. When addressing the users with the intent of exit, never just beat around the bush but become straightforward in your message.

2. Address your visitors emotionally


For any creative website, it is of paramount importance to address their audience emotionally. In fact, as the so-called gap among websites in respect of content quality and UI and UX are steadily decreasing, it has become more important to touch the emotional chords of your visitors to remain attractive and useful for them. From the smart UI maneuvers to engage them to color schemes and visual elements that go well with their psychological makeup, you need to make things play on several planes together to keep them interested in your website.

3. Following up your bounced visitor


Do you think it is foolish to follow a visitor who just left your web store without buying anything or worse, just without spending enough time? Just think again, this visitor can really be of seminal importance to you. Instead of considering such exits as good riddance, rather keep yourself active to get them back. This is what we called as retargeting or post-exit followups. The simplest way to reach the visitors after they made a hasty exit is by sending a polite email with a message like ‘your shopping cart is waiting for you’. Such a message can lure many them back to your purchase and rethink making the purchase.

4. Make content address low attention span

Most visitors these days terribly dislike beating around the bush simply because they have a drastically low attention span. Moreover, with visuals showing the awesome capability to deliver a message, texts are really losing their so-called appeal and wherever possible texts are being replaced by visual messages. Naturally, the long and dense text just do not hold any juice for the majority of the audience. So, to engage your audience quickly and to boost business conversion keep your message simple, short and straightforward and if possible optimized visually with little bite-sized text for quick reading.

To conclude, we must advise you to focus all your efforts for business conversion instead of just getting traffic. Building traffic requires a lot of SEO efforts and it doesn’t come free but if you cannot hold that traffic and ensure business conversion, it doesn’t lead you to your desired objective.

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