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The 5 Industries That Will Grow Faster in 2022

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Most individuals and organizations seek ways to transform and improve their businesses to fit the new trends. With that in mind, several recent industrial trends are expanding and changing many sectors.

If you are looking for ways to expand your industry, here are the top five industries you need to keep an eye on in 2022.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that has tried to simulate human reasoning. Artificial intelligence or AI is where machines copy the capabilities of a human mind.

Most industries across the globe are using AI due to its numerous advantages. From legal assistance to learning and research, AI is a trend in many sectors. It is beneficial to both clients and organizations.

AI is a technology that benefits many sectors. For example, it reduces human error. When well programmed, the machine does not make the mistakes experienced when humans handle the job.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Digital assistance – one of AI’s main advantages is that it can interact with users during the day and at night. Hence, companies can deliver faster service to their customers 24/7. This means it is a win-win situation for both the customers and organizations.

Replaces repetitive jobs – most day-to-day jobs have several repetitive tasks that are repeated every day without changing. Since most organizations have many tasks that need to be done in the same arrangement, AI is the best option.

Reduced human error – when humans are involved, the chances of errors are high. But when the machines are well programmed, they can perform repetitive tasks without errors.

Risk avoidance – when it comes to risky jobs, AI has managed to replace humans. AI can perform better than humans without risk in areas such as nuclear power plants, sewage systems, and others.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI can be used in various areas, including fraud detection, movie and music recommendation, customer care sector, health care, transportation, and many others.

Big Data

Another big trend changing the industry sector is Big data. Big data is data sets that are too complex to be handled by a traditional data processing application software. It is a mixture of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from organizations mined for information.

Big data is characterized by the large volume of data in several environments, a wide variety of data types, and the velocity at which the data is collected, processed, or generated.

Many organizations with big data need an understanding of the business goals and current data in use. This is because you need to identify the new tools and systems required.

However, businesses must comply with business laws and control data loss or prevent unauthorized employees from accessing it.

Intelligent Manufacturing

An intelligent or smart manufacturing system is a modern manufacturing system that fits in the abilities of machines, humans, and processes to get the best possible outcome. It is the process of getting inputs, arranging them, and turning them into desired outputs.

Several types of IMS depend on the level of information and the system’s characteristics. You can consider digital manufacturing, digitally networked manufacturing, and new generation intelligent manufacturing.

Intelligent manufacturing systems include rapid prototyping, CNC machining, 3D printing, and cloud computing, among many others.

Rapid prototyping – is a process of creating a pilot version of the product to evaluate its functionality and design. Prototypes are made with a quick turnaround to identify where the product’s development and concept may need further work.

For example, rapid PCB prototyping helps provide accurate results, a quick turnaround, cost reduction, and excellent customer satisfaction in PCB productions.

CNC machining – computer numerical control (CNC) machines accomplish several tasks, including cutting, milling, lathing, drilling, and many other operations. They have become common in manufacturing various products, such as printed circuit boards.

3D Printing –  is the process of constructing a three-dimensional object from a digital 3D model or CAD model. 3D is in high demand because it is cost-effective, reliable, easy to access, and allows you to design and print complex designs.

3D is a modern technology that works well with printed circuit boards. A 3D PCB is a board created through an addictive process that makes the 3D solid board from a design file.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has become essential in science, education, commerce, and manufacturing. It is the use of computer technology to produce a simulated environment. With virtual reality, users can interact with the 3D world.

Even though virtual reality is associated with gaming, it has found itself in other sectors, including sales, communication, traveling, and learning. One of the reasons virtual reality is among the top industrial trends in 2022 is because of its numerous benefits to manufacturers.

Virtual reality is engaging and entertaining to the users. Moreover, it saves time and money and helps maintain a sense of collegiality.


The 5G or 5th Generation technology is one of the latest innovations in the field of technology. It is a technology that has managed to break records of high speed and dependable internet connection.

5G provides a wide range of features that are beneficial to various sectors, including manufacturing printed circuit boards. It brings new design and manufacturing trends for PCBs.

Some of the benefits of 5G, especially on PCB processing, are more efficient and effective, it can offer uniform and consistent connectivity, it is a technology that can gather all networks on one platform, and monitoring the process is more accessible.

5G is very beneficial when manufacturing PCBs for high-frequency applications. Since they require an automatic inspection process, using 5G can help overcome the challenges no matter the inspection strategies used.



Due to the previous years’ challenges, there are several new opportunities for technology advancements. The above trends have made the supply chains shorter and simpler, enhanced customer interactions, and expanded manufacturing applications.

However, you need to understand all the trends to ensure you enhance your business and manufacture excellent products effectively and stress-freely.

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