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6 Top Workout Apps For Travel

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Staying fit, sharp and in shape requires consistency in your workout routines. However, if you often travel, it can at times get very stressful as you try to maintain your fitness in the absence of your regular gym or fitness studios where you do your workouts. In such a scenario some of the fitness apps can go a long way in ensuring that you are able to keep up with your fitness goals even if you are on the road and traveling. Take a look at 6 of the best travel workout apps that we have picked up for you.


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Finding the time to run or cycle while traveling is essential for many fitness enthusiasts. Strava is a must-have travel app that helps users to keep track of their progress by accomplishing their running or cycling goals. The app tracks your run, maps the route of cycling, analyzes your training and lets you share the status of your training on social media. You can also join various groups and compete with other travelers who are working out in a similar place and route. Through Strava local, you can access a guide to major cities around the world that its users upload from various locations.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Sometimes workouts can get complicated as a lot of equipment can be involved in the process when we undergo sessions in the gym or fitness studios. In time periods of travel, Freeletics Bodyweight app can provide the most effective and quick mode of training for fitness enthusiasts. Freeletics package comprises of a few different apps like Bodyweight, Gym, Running and Nutrition programs. There are numerous bodyweight workout variations with 10 to 30 minutes duration for which you would not require any equipment. An important feature of this app is that it comes with tutorial videos for a workout to help you know the exercise that you might not know. The app makes use of the highly popular High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT) principle to create sessions for its users.


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Noom Coach

Noom works by focussing on the scientifically-proven psychological approach that a person’s body can build healthier habits and thereby achieve fitness that they desire. The app through its structured course helps you gradually lose weight. The users are assigned fitness coaches that help you master the habits that you need to get and stay healthy. Personalized feedback is given by the coaches based on your progress. The app’s interface is simplistic as every day’s tasks are lined up including logging your meals, weight and exercise hours. There are tools that track your weight, exercise, food, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Through this app, you actually work with other people as you can exchange conversation with your coach or get into group chats where you can catch up on others’ questions and experiences. People across the world are benefiting from Noom diet and Noom Coach immensely. You can read more Noom success stories of real people here.

Asana Rebel

For those who engage in doing yoga as part of their fitness routine, Asana Rebel is a perfect app especially if you are traveling often. It is not a regular yoga app but improvises your routine as it combines the traditional practices in yoga with High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT) exercises. You will not require any equipment and you can follow the exercise routine even if you are cramped for space. Asana Rebel focuses on five broader themes that are – Get in shape, Strength Building, Flexibility, Balance and Focus, and Breathe and Relax. All the workouts come with video previews and you can choose workout using filters like duration, goal, and intensity. Most of the videos are filmed in real locations, so as a traveler you will get a feel of local real locations as you do your sessions.

my fitness pal

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My FitnessPal

A key component in losing weight and maintaining fitness is tracking your food intake. MyFitnessPal has a massive database of about 3 million different foods and meals that can input into your food diary to track your calorie intake. When you are, the food that you eat at a restaurant or pick at the airport, MyFitnessPal with its large database can help you to figure out your calorie intake and how much protein, carbohydrates or fats your food contains. Through the app, you can set a goal with regards to calorie intake so that you can reach your target weight. While helping with your diet, the app also keeps track of your progress as you log in your activity whether it is a run, walk or a gym session, and it also connects you to other apps for a better experience in reaching your fitness goals.


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Being on the road does not give the luxury of having our personal gym trainers of the gym that we train in, to be with us to train and guide. Aaptiv, an audio-centric fitness app, gives its users personal trainer who will guide you through his or her voice as you undergo intense workouts in strength training. The app has over 2500 workout lessons spread over various categories including running, yoga, rowing, stretching, strength training, and race training. The workout is based on an audio track in which a trainer gives instructions, encourages and gives important tips through the routine. With Aaptiv, its users are part of a fitness community, without actually meeting physically, which goes a long way in having shared goals and motivation when it comes to fitness.

Now that you have got all the information about these apps, staying in shape while traveling is simple with a bit of foresight and the right means.

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