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How Much Does It Cost To Get PMP® Certified?

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PMP has been primarily recognized all over the globe, as one of the most important and reputed certifications for project managers. Not only in India, but this certification is also highly valued in America as well as Australia among other countries in the world. As it is one of the most coveted certificates in the world, it is not easy to get. The scope of the syllabus laid down by the Project Management Institute is rather vast, and it covers a wide range of topics.

Besides the apparent theoretical aspects regarding project management, you must also be well oriented with the practical use of this theoretical knowledge without which it is impossible to crack the exam and receive the certification. A number of aspirants from all over the world try their hands at getting the certificate every year. The process is rigorous and goes through a number of trials and errors before you can finally achieve the certification. As it is an extremely tiring process, aspirants are made aware of the struggles and sacrifices they might be meeting before procuring the certificate.

Application Process

Before you sit for the examination, which will lead you to your certification, you will first have to fill in the application form. The application form is quite vast and requires a number of information regarding your academic qualifications as well as Project Management experiences. You must not falsify any of the information that you are providing during the application as you may have to offer later valid documentation stating the verifiability of these documents. Hence it is best to remain truthful and not provide any false information.

If you provide falsified pieces of information and these are later found out, you will not be considered as a potential candidate for PMP certification anymore and you will receive a lifetime ban. Among the various information that you have to provide are your home and work address, along with contact information such as your personal phone number and own email address via which you will be able to receive any notification from the Project Management Institution. You will then have to provide the full address of your school and University along with the highest degree of education that you have attained. You will also be asked to provide a field of study as well as the year degree that has been awarded to you.

Coming to the requirements which can also be stated as eligibility criteria that you have to provide are your project management experience per project. This includes the project title, start and end date of every project, your role in the project and the project industry.

Secondly, you will be required to provide the specification of your Project Management Education, in this, you will need to specify the name of the institution as well as the course title, the course start, and end date. Along with this, you will have to offer the hours attended and the qualifying hours. Lastly, the full name of your certificate has also to be given.

Get PMP Membership

If you opt for PMP membership, it is a massive advantage on your part. The membership comes with a fee. However, the disadvantage outweighs the benefits you will get once you become a PMP member. The package includes all the information and tactics that you require to crack the PMP certification examination. PMP credentials are usually regarded as been extremely important in PMP certification.

It has been globally acknowledged as one of the demands in various industries and organizations. As it is imperative to have a skilled project manager in every company if you are a holder of PMP credentials, your salary is an average expected to be 16% more than non-PMP credential holders.

You will be more adept at managing as well as skilfully leading the team in order to achieve the organizational goals and hence considered as one of the most critical influencers in your organization or industry. Once you become a PMP member getting a PMP certificate which will not only enhance but also speak of your skills, you will be able to achieve higher standards in your work and hence be more in demand among the organizations.

PMP members have a great deal of knowledge about the benefits of PMP certification and the technical know-how of achieving the certificate. You will also get a detailed view of the PMP examination; its policies and procedures.

PMP Certification Fees

In order to get the PMP certificate, you have to sit for the PMP certification examination. Like all other examinations, you will have to play some amount of money to be able to sit for the test. One way to decrease the cost of the exam as well as achieve knowledge about the course is to get a PMP membership.

The fees for PMP membership is about $139. The PMP® Certification Cost for non-PMP members is about $555; however, if you are already a PMP member, you have only to pay about $405 to sit for the examination. It is not always possible for everybody to crack the examination at the first go.

In the likely event that you have to give the exam again, the PMP examination retake fee for non-PMP members is about $375. However, the cost of the examination retake fee for PMP members is about $275 only. Hands becoming a PMP member are actually extremely fruitful, although you have to pay $139 as a membership fee.

PMP Eligibility Criteria

Being one of the most reputable certifications in the world, there are incredibly stringent eligibility criteria laid down for the aspirants. The PMP eligibility criteria have three main parts. At first, you require academic qualifications. The PMP examination course offers four years degree and a secondary degree. You will have to provide the name of your institution as well as the type of degree that you have attained.

Depending on the type of degree that you have gotten the rest of the eligibility criteria is well differentiated. For those having the secondary degree, the eligibility criteria for project management experience is about five years or 60 months, and in case of 4-year degree holders, the project management experience is lesser and about three years or 36 months. You will also have to provide documents about your project management experiences about 4500 hours spent on either leading or developing projects. In case of a secondary degree, you need to provide evidence of 7500 hours of either leader on development projects, along with this you will need to offer your role in the project as well as the industry you worked in. In case of both the degrees, you have to provide verification of 35 contact hours of receiving project management training from a reputable institution or via the online educational mode.

PMP certification is of great value and has been continuously used and required by many companies as such individuals are well skilled in not only managing teams but also directing them in directions that are sure to produce success in an industrial sector. Once you receive the Certification, it is expected that you will receive a better fee as well as better working conditions.

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