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Top 5 B2B Websites for 2021

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Gone are the old days when business owners had to spend lots of time and money to gather stock for their business as the introduction of B2B websites has made trading easier. Businesses depend on other businesses for survival and thriving. From supplies to be used in the manufacturing department to maintenance, distribution, and retailing, all comes under Business to business interaction. B2B websites offer their services coupled with all the important processes involved in traditional trading. With such tough competition, Service and quality of products have seen betterment coming it’s way.

Through proper research and analysis, I have curated this list of consumer favorite top B2B websites of the game on which you can definitely count on:


Tradewheel is currently the most favorite among the B2B industry due to its amazing customer-centric approach. It is currently the leading online marketplace that houses a plethora of manufacturers and suppliers from various regions of the world. It is quickly increasing its database of companies to help the registered users enjoy a safe, reliable, and over the edge experience of online trading.

The best feature of Tradewheel is the abundance of authentic and reliable buyers from the USA, UK, France, Asia, and other countries. This platform is well equipped with necessary features and provides a long list of reputable local and international traders, secure payment options, 24/7 live support, and many advanced features.



Information Mention of B2B platforms is incomplete without the one website that paved the way for all the successors. It was founded by Jack Ma in 1999 by a group of 18 people. Alibaba is to B2B platforms what Apple is to the cell phone industry. It has a long list of thousands and thousands of small and medium enterprises selling products to various buyers and importers around the world. Alibaba is a parent company to a various number of companies, including Ali Express, Guangzhou, Evergrande Taobao, F.C, UCWeb, AntFinancial, Lazada, Cainiao, Juhuasuan, Alibaba Cloud, Youku Tudou, and Tmall. This is one of the great online trade resources where you can find a vast number of international buyers. It is a popular and innovative B2B marketplace designed to help commercial traders to find new business partners from all over the world.



GlobalSources is an essential and efficient part of the E-commerce industry. They are the pioneers of modern B2B trading sites promoting cross border trading. Globalresources has played an important role in strengthening SMEs in the E-commerce industry. Large-scale manufacturers of the international market are present on the website serving more than 1 million buyers and retailers from all over the world. Globalresources is a vertical platform that only deals in 4 major categories; consumer electronics, mobile electronics, home appliances, and fashion.



The micB2B was founded by Ms. Margaret Kao in 1988. It is committed to being the professional technology service provider dedicated to marketing and technology integration support services. It has morphed into one of the largest B2B platforms of the Korean region that was established with the objective of facilitating global trade more efficiently. It has many offices, headquarters, and warehouses in many developed countries of the world. This is an influential platform with lots of reliable buyers and sellers from all over the trading world. The variety on this website is unmatched, and it provides global clients with useful details on suppliers and their displayed products. We can expect many more groundbreaking innovations from the developers of micB2B in 2021.


Import-Express :

Import express is the biggest platform for b2b business. It is a B2B eCommerce company connecting sellers and distributors together on one page. If you want to accelerate your business in the domestic and international market, then you can register on this website. The website caters to numerous different products, from Clothing, Mobile Phones, Computers, Sports, Jewelry, Beauty to Home, and so on. Import express services to your country with a wide range of delivery options. You can expect from Import express to get fast delivery, from time-critical guaranteed next day to a less urgent day certain delivery. The company is designed to coordinate effective communications between Importers and Shippers, wherever you are, directly via using Internet services. The goal of the company is to help build a stable supply chain for your products. This website allows you to meet different traders from China and the rest of the world. It has developed quite a good reputation for itself in the wholesale world.