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Top Advantages and Disadvantages of customer feedback

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Know your customers to establish an effective relationship between them and the business and get to know all their woes.

Every business resorts to using customer feedback systems in online and offline methods as well. Collecting user reviews is a way of connecting with them and trying to sympathize with them. Despite these needs and benefits, sometimes customer feedback systems may prove to be pointless for growth of the business. So, it is important for businesses to find valuable resources from these feedbacks that benefit them. 

Advantages of customer feedback surveys

Advantages of customer feedback surveys

There are numerous ways in which customer feedback proves to be advantageous for the business.

Building trust and empathy

A customer feedback system is a way to empathize with the customer. But how to build customer trust through feedback surveys? When the customer fills out the form, he expects that the company acts on those problems. When you ask questions that relate to the product usage, you can understand from their point of view as to how they use the product and what hardships they have to face if the product malfunctions. 

Trust is an important pillar to strengthen company and customer relationships. To gain this trust, you have to first be aware of all the problems that the customer faces relating to the product. When you collect feedback and act on them, the trust from the other end increases. This can go a long way on keeping old customers and getting new ones. Through the old customers, others will get to know about the reliability of your products. This can increase the number of sales.

Improvement in product or services

Customer feedback system gives you many ideas on how you can improve your product abilities. Sometimes customers mention the specific features of the product or services and what improvements they require. This can help you to build better products and make advanced versions of the product. This can be better implemented in service providing businesses. You can improve the services exactly how customers expect. Improvement is the best method to increase the growth of the business. Sometimes improvements can be even better than customers expect. This is how you lead your business to a success. It also improves your company image to people who have not yet used your products.

Better customer experience

Customer satisfaction depends on how they experience the company and the products. It is important to cater to the customer throughout the journey, even after they purchase. New and improved products give better customer experience. Keeping record of their satisfaction through feedback surveys also contributes to better customer experience.

Make effective business decisions

Taking customer feedback removes the guesswork for the business. The business can act on substantial information. The best source of customer knowledge is their feedback. Thus it can help you to make business decisions. Through the feedback you can get first hand knowledge on customer preferences. 

You do not have to research a lot before making decisions. It is also easy to draw a conclusion from these feedbacks. Without the use of complex methods you can facilitate decision making for the best of you company. Since the motive of a business is to increase sales, customer feedback states exactly what changes can do that. Thus, it is always easy to plan out strategies by referring to feedbacks.

Helps other customers

Ratings, reviews and feedbacks are one of the most important marketing strategies. A customer is likely to trust someone who is in their position. What better way to make that happen than customer feedbacks? Most of the time when someone makes a purchase, he checks the reviews of the people who use the product.

People tend to trust these reviews. This feedback also helps in increasing sales for the business. A product with more positive reviews will get more sales than others. If customers find more negative remarks, they will look for alternatives or other brands. 

Disadvantages of customer feedback surveys

Although there are many uses of customer feedback, in some cases it might be useless for a business.

Hard to get genuine feedbacks

It happens in most cases that the reviews that every customer gives is not accurate. Many customers give feedback without giving it much of a thought. They have bought the product and just want to use, without any intention to give honest reviews. Still there are a few who genuinely review the product. But that part of the population is very small. It is also difficult to isolate them from amongst all the other false reviews. 

You can somehow manage to overcome this by following up a rating scale with a question asking for the reason for the answer. This can in many cases avoid the distortion of answers. Since, the customer needs to give a reason, he might give a thought to his feedback before submitting.

Increases customer expectations and dissatisfaction

When customers fill up feedback forms, the expect the company to act on their criticisms. If there is a flaw in the product, the customer mentions it in hope that next time it will be mended. But it is not always possible for a business to cater to such a huge number of demands from so many users. So, the business fails to act upon those mistakes. 

Thus when the customer uses the product or service again, he gets disappointed. This gives rise to a lot of negative reviews later. It becomes harmful for the image of the company. The high expectations from the users becomes a hindrance in marketing and sales for the business.

Biased opinions of respondents

In any kind of survey or feedback method, audience bias is a point of concern. You can never avoid this obstacle in any research method. They may be biased towards any specific brand. In that case, however efficient your product or service might be, you are most likely to get negative reviews from them. The opposite also might be the case. 

Some biases involve cultural aspects and beliefs of the person. Certain things might be offensive to one and not to others. These consequences are unavoidable.



Customer feedback sure has its disadvantages but every business should conduct such feedback. The disadvantages can be handled in various ways through planning and strategies. But you cannot do away with customer feedback. It affects a major part of your sales and the brand image as well.

Categorizing the responses or feedback into different sections is a good way to manage responses. You should analyze all the negative reviews. But also keep in mind the positive ones. The positive ones are which show your strong points. You should be careful not to lose out on your strengths while dealing with the ones that you lack.

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