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Is Trello Really an Effective Time Management Tool? Here are the Alternatives!

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Time management is a crucial aspect of creating a balance in personal and professional life. Everyone has 24 hours every day, but sometimes one feels so busy without doing anything, and sometimes one gets busy for an entire day but still left with their work at the end of the day.

Identifying and prioritizing the work is an essential step for time management as one should know which task is more important and how much time it would take.

Are you managing a project and getting stressed? Are you struggling to keep your and your team tasks organized? If Yes, you need to choose a software for time and tasks tracking of you and your team both. We cannot feed everything in a single mind, and we need a platform where all the tasks can be recorded and tracked with a completion date.

After deciding that you need a project management tool, the next questions come in your mind that which tool you should use.

We are aware of a popular project management tool Trello, which usually everyone keeps in their mind while choosing a tool for their businesses.

However, you may find many of the time management tools out there, but Trello is the one which people have settled in their minds. Its simplicity and straightforward system to organize a project make it different from the crowd. The implementation of Trello makes the entire process aligned, efficient, and easier for everyone. But also, it is not reliable for every business. Primarily, it helps a manager to manage his/her project effectively by keeping a maintained track of him and his team’s to-do list.

What is Trello?

Trello is online software, which one uses it to organize their tasks, notes, projects, shared files, and much more that helps a team to work together. It is a simple and straightforward process contained system which is easier to understand and use. It provides full visibility to the organized tasks and allows the accessibility to rearrange the tasks as per the requirement.

It offers a few exclusive benefits. Those are as follows.

  • Accountability of work
  • Mental Health
  • Access to all the organized tasks
  • Organized a to-do list
  • Unity in the team
  • Structured Work

Are you looking for an alternative to Trello?

There are many project management and time management tools are available in the market, e.g., ProofHub, Workzone, Teamwork, Paymo, Padio, Fusio, etc.  You can also learn about the best effective software alternative to Trello and why they are more efficient.

But how you can choose an alternative to Trello. There are few things which you should consider while choosing an alternative time management tool:

  • An alternative has to be a better projects planner
  • It must have better task management strategies
  • It must have good Team collaboration
  • It must have an allowance to upload the files even with higher MB than Trello
  • It must be a Kanban-based tool

Why we need a Trello Alternative?

Though Trello has many features, it also not a perfect fit for every team. Majorly, it is not the best fit for large-scale projects. Several actions are required with which Trello couldn’t help a team. Also, there are many other project management tools available that are even better than Trello; they work those actions which Trello cannot. The following are the details.

  • Trello is not accessible when there is no data access.

It is not a good option when you are traveling, primarily via flights. To access Trello, you need to have a wifi connection or proper data access. You always need to connect with the internet to access the Trello site. While other tools provide their services in the app, it becomes easier to use for an individual, e.g., Wrike.

  • Not reliable to handle big projects

Trello is more known for smaller and simpler projects that too, with small teams as well. It is not a reliable option in which you are managing a big project with big teams across the globe. While Jira is offering proper support and features if you are looking to handle a more substantial project with a larger group.

  • Limited Storage

Trello has a membership system, which limited the storage. It offers various types of membership on the Trello card and an individual storage limit to each one of them. Like, if you are a primary member, you are allowed to add up to 10 MB file on a Trello Card. On the other hand, if you are a Business class or gold member of Trello Card, you can enjoy adding up to 250 MB on the same.

  • Comments and Notes are not Editable

One of the main reasons one seeks an alternative to Trello is that you cannot edit your comments and notes added on the Trello cards (tasks). Once you have posted a comment and save, you cannot edit that same saved comment. You need to write a new comment if you have miswritten something.

  • Trello doesn’t create long-term plans

It doesn’t help to create a long-term road mapping of the projects, but it does help to build mapping and tracking to short-term projects.

  • Relevant for smaller projects and smaller teams

One of the best project management tools for those who are looking for smaller projects to handle with smaller groups. However, companies are required to manage larger teams and longer projects; Trello is not a worthy option.

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