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What VoIP Development Has In Store for 2021 – Trends Worth Watching

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While businesses like travel are in the doldrums, VoIP development has fast-tracked post the Covid 19 onslaught and resultant work from distance policies. The market for VoIP services is expected to exceed $ 194 billion by 2024, which is not surprising given its many features and cost benefits. However, a look into the crystal ball gives glimpses into trends in VoIP development services and technologies for 2021.

Fanciful but Not Impossible

5G is here but is yet to gain global traction. Regardless, the mid or latter part of 2021 should see widespread availability. VOIP development services should be ready with solutions that allow high speed, high-quality audio-video calls and conferencing. People to people communication is good but VoIP development may be looking at IoT integration and the possibility of calling an IoT device directly. For example, managers may wish to know the status of inventory or production or machine in which case all they have to do is to dial a number and the IoT extension and an AI voice respond to tell them about the state of things. You do not have to bother people for such mundane and routine instructions. A bit fanciful, but not entirely impossible for smart VoIP development services able to offer custom VoIP development.


It is good news and bad news. 2G and 3G are on their way out or have already been shut down. That is bad news for individual mobile users who will have cause to complain about connection quality since telecom companies will reform the spectrum for VoIP. As it is, smartphones are becoming more powerful and smarter with more AI integrated into their functions. This paves the way for VoIP development services to offer communications systems based entirely around mobile phones and their features. For instance, the SIP server may recede into the background with softphone dialers at the front along with WebRTC and backend connectivity to CRM to facilitate and promote communications from anywhere and at any time, entirely through the mobile platform. Hosted VoIP services in mobile will be more attractive and cost-effective. All this is to the good for remote work with 77% of remote employees stating there is an increase in productivity. 36% of such remote workers like to use video conferencing, which is fast becoming mainstream using mobiles. Even customers prefer using mobiles, so, it is natural to expect more custom VoIP development based on mobile usage.

More of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing always existed as part of the VoIP technologies bouquet. However, as the past year has shown, it is now occupying center stage and becoming the hub around which work revolved. Couple this with WebRTC technologies and you have mobile users using their device for video conferencing, possibly keeping lines open most of the time as they work collaboratively or talk with customers. It is a good idea to shift to video conferencing in 2021 if you aim to continue to run business with remote employees.

It is not just businesses. Healthcare and education are the other two sectors where custom video conferencing solutions can bring about great improvements. Will we see white-label video conferencing solutions? Likely. Remember, 5G is here (almost) and facilitates 72% faster data transfer, 54% improved video streaming and faster connectivity for attached devices like IoT powered equipment.

AI, Voice Assistants

Surveys show that over 111 million people use voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Couple this with fast development in AI and the setting is just right for VoIP development services to help you put intelligent, automated customer service systems in place. AI will play a greater role in virtually all related VoIP tech ranging from intelligent auto-dialers to call recording and analysis to campaigns as well as the more widespread voice assistants. It is worth investing in custom VoIP development to get a conversational chatbot developed for your website. The AI-powered bot will carry on conversation up to a point and then engage a human agent to take it up from there. Sounds good? No wonder companies are rushing to get their own humanoid chatbot.


What does blockchain have to do with VoIP? A lot. VoIP is not quite as secure as one wishes since they use IP which is not so safe for business, healthcare, or financial transactions. Enter blockchain. VoIP development services can integrate (and are doing so) blockchain technology into the data transferring process. Blockchain authentication is more foolproof and does what no Session Border Controller or encryption can do. There is more. Consider Zoptax, an end-to-end server-less architecture decentralized mobile network and its implications for transactional communications. If you value security and confidentiality then you will want something similar put in place for you by competent custom VoIP development services. Another benefit of blockchain is that it can work for number portability, acting as a decentralized ledger.


Vaccines have been developed and will be deployed massively to thwart Covid-19. However, education has taken a hit and full-fledged classroom attendance is still problematic. The education sector will certainly see more VoIP development activities. On one side there is the temptation of 5G bandwidth to use HD quality but, on the other, considering the situation of Asian and African countries, development may be more focused on how to fine-tune video and audio codecs and compression to use poor internet and yet offer a better video classroom experience. That takes some doing and only a few will be able to deliver systems that will work flawlessly despite slow speed while allowing users in areas with high-speed internet to enjoy high definition audio-video. There is plenty of possibility for smart and custom VoIP development here.

One thing is clear. Whether you use existing VoIP tech or plan to go for more advanced options, you simply cannot do without it. VoIP will only get stronger and you can make your business stronger by making VoIP a cornerstone of business communications with the help of custom VoIP development services.

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