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Used Automation Equipment Can Work Like New and Costs Less

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Factories have always been synonymous with efficiency since the time of production lines. Today, automation has taken things to a new level.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on society in too many ways to name. While economies were turned upside down, factories kept churning out the goods society needed and kept people working. Still, manufacturers took major hits, and operating in a turbulent and unpredictable economy means every efficiency possible is welcome.

Let’s check out how factory owners can cut costs without cutting quality by buying used CMM machines to automate quality control on their production line.


Used CMMs in Every Size

The best metrology dealerships are CMM machine specialists offering equipment that scans parts of all sizes, from Vision and Multisensor systems that inspect tiny parts to Gantry machines commonly used for cars, planes, and even spaceships. It doesn’t matter what sized goods your factory produces or whether they’re made of small or enormous parts.

Many of the best metrology dealers also buy used CMM equipment, and their expert consultants can give advice on the right approach for you. It may be best to upgrade or retrofit your old CMM machine or get new software rather than buy a new or used CMM machine.

Look for a dealership with a vast supply of used CMM machines on hand, so you can get the machine you need quickly. Ideally, the seller has a website with their stock listed and updated, so you can see pictures of the equipment and see important details at a glance, such as its manufacturer, model number, size, software, CMM number, and more.

If you want a different machine or you’re looking for modifications or additions, don’t be afraid to ask! The best metrology sellers can more than likely accommodate your request, even if you don’t see the machine or the service offered on their site.

MDNA Code of Ethics

If the equipment you’re buying is only inexpensive because it may break soon, you’re not really getting good value, especially if it doesn’t come with a warranty. Buying metrology equipment from an authorized dealer that is a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), so they’re obliged to uphold their code of ethics.

As such, you get consumer protections you won’t get if you buy CMM machines from an auction or independent seller. For example, all information about the specifications and conditions of the machine will be accurate before purchase.

Also, the equipment will work to specification right when it hits the factory floor. If it’s mechanically unsatisfactory, the dealer will have the option to offer a refund or fix it for free. Considering the role of CMM machines in quality control, you need to know they’ll work long-term and that there’s a protocol in place in the event something goes wrong.

Professional Inspections and Installations

Don’t bring used equipment into your factory unless it’s been inspected top to bottom by an expert technician. The best metrology dealers run thorough tests on the cabling, probe systems, air lines, bearings, and more.

You can’t get this type of assurance just anywhere, so find the best metrology dealers and measurement solution providers in your region. In some cases, you may be able to get expert repair advice from a service coordinator over the phone, or the dealership will quickly dispatch an expert technician to your location.

Some dealerships even provide same-day Renishaw repairs. Whether the equipment is used or brand new, they should offer comprehensive services, even if you didn’t originally buy the equipment through them.

It’s common for companies to agree to Service and Preventative Maintenance contracts, so they know their equipment will constantly be in “top notch” condition, all for a guaranteed response time and a fixed annual cost. Just make sure the dealership you entrust with your invaluable equipment is an ISO 9001 registered company and ISO 17025 accredited.

Software Consultants

Sometimes companies buy a used CMM machine not knowing the software inside is obsolete or not ideal for their purposes. Buying used metrology from leading CMM dealerships ensures that you’ll have expert advice on software and retrofits.

Expect the seller you use to have a full team of software application engineers who know the programs their machines use. They’ll be able to troubleshoot existing programs and train your employees online or at your location.

CMM machines are very advanced and sophisticated, but they need to work seamlessly with the software inside and the human employees at the helm. Speak to a top expert

Factories need to keep humming along to keep producing the goods we need and providing people with work. Whatever challenges lie on the road ahead, obtaining professional-grade used equipment for less is a sure-fire way to position your factory for success.

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