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Top 7 Industrial IoT App Development Companies Worldwide

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According to, the IIoT market is expected to grow up to 110.6 billion US dollars by 2025 where there are several Industrial IoT app development companies mushrooming on a larger scale.

Industrial IoT is not a new term in the IT sector today and already several multi-billion industrial IoT software development companies worldwide are reaping its benefits. Elon Musk’s Tesla company has a new Industrial IoT strategy where it deals with the day to day manufacturing challenges by developing new solutions from their expert team.

“Tesla looks at their factory as a product rather than a place”

Industry 4.0 software solutions help to leverage several business sectors to improve operational efficiency. HortiSense is one such company that developed a next-gen software solution for the horticultural sector.

With the help of cloud-enabled smart sensors, yield cost savings with robust data analytics strategies where the growers get a deep insight over the crop quality, CO2 levels, high-quality artificial lights and map it to the dashboard where the final graph helps them to make a better business decision based on various metrics.

Some of the top leading Industrial IoT Solution Providers are below:

1) Contus

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“For any Enterprises, Industrial IoT platform streamlines and manages the entire business process that improves and enhances the workflow with solid IoT Implementation roadmap”
Dinesh Soundararajan, Director of IoT & IIoT Solutions


  • Contus, one of the best industrial IoT app development companies helps Enterprises to stay one step ahead by delivering industrial IoT solutions to leading automobile companies for seven consecutive years.
  • They have clubbed with performance-based services in the manufacturing sectors with emerging techniques like IoT connectivity, IoT data visualization for monitoring the performance and reducing the downtime of the equipment.
  • They have immense experience working with various industry verticals like Automotive, Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, & Retail industries.
  • It leverages the remote asset monitoring through cloud-based GPS tracking systems transmitting the data about the location, speed, engine hours which helps to make a better decision making for your business.

2) Infosys

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“A long-term approach to Industrial IoT is Crucial for success”
Abhishek Goyal, IoT Practice, Global Head


  • To create smart mines, the Infosys Mining practice implemented Industrial IoT solutions.
  • Infy’s Industrial & enterprise IoT solutions support the convergence of the operational and IT team divisions.
  • They partner with other Enterprises and perform an assessment of their current Industry 4.0 expertise and build roadmaps for IoT implementations.
  • Infy’s Industrial manufacturing helps to transform the enterprise into a smart digital factory to augment the manufacturing sector.

3) HPE

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“Let’s look at the technology. Let’s be critical. And then we’ll get the transformation process”
Bregulla, Director Of IIoT sector


  • The Industrial IoT solutions from HPE use the data wisely by bringing the computing to your data streams.
  • HPE uncovers the data insights and provides intelligence to the IIoT data.
  • Improve the efficiency and predictability of the data by identifying the cause and effect
  • HPE’s IIoT is capable of accelerating time to action and control, improving efficiency and reducing utility consumption which proves to be one of the pioneers as the industry 4.0 solution providers

4) Volansys

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“During the last decade, we witnessed exponential growth at Volansys. Technology is driving business and it helps to transform our future strategies to embark on a digital journey”
Manan Patel, CEO


  • Among several Industrial IoT solution providers, Volansys provides full-fledged IoT solutions that help enterprises to create connected devices with cloud-ready IoT services across businesses.
  • Industrial IoT in home automation OEM platforms with IoTify cloud, RF modules, drive the engineering manufacturing for a faster time to market.
  • Among the industrial IoT application development companies, Volansys offer industrial IoT solutions from concepts and designs to prototype model through real-time monitoring to give a more substantial solution and cost-effective business model

5) ScienceSoft

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“I define the corporate strategy to boost the value we bring to customers and sustain company growth”
Nikolay Kurayev, CEO


  • ScienceSoft’s industrial IoT offers tailor-made solutions to solve industry-specific challenges. Before implementing, as a reliable industry 4.0 service provider, they perform detailed consulting and planning to lower the implementation costs.
  • Collaborate with several stakeholders for making the industrial IoT paradigm shift easier with IoT connectivity, cloud, and embedded software
  • Monitors equipment utilization with detailed analytics and reliable forecasting. ScienceSoft is moving towards a leading IoT app development company by expanding its services across the globe.

6) Telit

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“Over the last nine months, we have been concentrating on the fundamentals of the core business, having reshaped our IoT platform that enhanced its go to market strategy”
Paolo Dal Pino, CEO


  • Any manufacturing asset can be connected to any Enterprises with Telit’s smart manufacturing Industrial IoT solutions
  • The industrial value chain gives complete operational visibility across various sectors for real-time decision making
  • Drive the next level of productivity with Telit’s industrial IoT solutions that cater to automotive, machinery, power generation and much more.
  • At Telit, transforming into industrial IoT both vertically and horizontally is made possible through smart factory applications without a single code of programming

7) R-Style Lab

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“R-style Lab helps hardware manufacturers, software vendors to create a complete software ecosystem for their connected devices with 120 in-house developers”


  • Partnering with R-Style Lab helps to build custom made industrial IoT software through their IIoT developers.
  • Industrial IoT service providers help in creating an advanced IIoT system making every physical asset easily trackable.
  • R-Style Lab has delivered several IoT projects across industries like Healthcare, Smart Retail, Building Smart Home appliances to streamlining the operational processes with industrial IoT application development and connected solutions.
  • IIot team paves way for automated workflows and decreases the equipment downtime to a greater extent. Among the Industrial IoT solution providers, R-Style Lab leverages the organization’s workflow with IoT strategies.


Hence, Industrial IoT is an amalgamation of various disruptive technologies like IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to make a connected Enterprise. To achieve this, several industrial IoT service providers help businesses to transform into a Digital era seamlessly.

As McKinsey predicted in one of the studies, Industrial IoT is here to stay for long which is the “next big thing” which streamlines the mining, healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing to name a few and the above list are some of the top industrial IoT development companies that help to increase the operational efficiency and Enterprise productivity to a greater extent.

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