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Top 3 Technologies to Generate Leads for Vacation Industry

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Don’t beat around the bush, if you are the type of body aiming at direct marketing for your lead generation campaign. Generating the leads can be like a figure of fun if you know the right way to approach your prospects this summer. We can help catch the right fish for your Vacation Industry business.

The sole reason most vacation industry never attain the height of top seller is that they are unable to monitor their critical leads. In fact, they pick the wrong tool for marketing, and that keeps them under an avalanche of approaches. Most agents fall into the trap of depending on their host agency to provide them with leads.

Technology has made selling your business out to the critical mass easy and leveled the playground for all industries; all you need is to equip yourself with the right information at the right time to use the right tool to reach the audience and drive them to your campaign.

Don’t feel like a fish out of water; all you need in this holiday period is try approaching a unique direct response marketing methods for optimized seamless business optimization. Although ‘word of mouth marketing’ is considered as the most credible way of making your business popular, technological means have proved to be useful too.

Here are three of our services that can help accomplish your goals of lead generation and ensure proper performance marketing.

Ringless Voicemail Drops(RVM)

A few years back, performance marketing was not too advanced; marketing was achieved through posts and emails. Evolution rolled over right from letters that were handwritten emails to phone calls which ascended with voicemails.

A clear call-to-action requires ringless voicemail drops to leave voicemail messages to their prospects without making actual calls. This means, leaving a voice message without ringing and creating hindrance in the schedule of your audience to interact with. With ringless voicemail services, you can attract users to link to your website or send an SMS containing your link. This strategy improves the effectiveness of your marketing scheme as people who won’t call will click the link and those that won’t click the link will call or talk to someone over the phone. Hence, all you want is them to reach you in any possible way to get user information about you and your service.

Ringless Voicemail allows merely, to leave a message for your targeted audience without hindering them and ringing their phones. It is an efficient tool for delivering an engaging message through marketing campaigns. It automatically prompts a notification into their phones. when users check their phone only it shows at the same time Researchers have found out that more than 96% of the ringless voicemails are heard, which proves to be the most triggering option for the marketing campaigns.

Cloud-based Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is the next level of direct marketing approach. It took birth around 30 years ago. And it began its journey from the banking industry to hardware solutions.

Today in vacation industries, cloud-based predictive dialer can also help you corner the market. In short, this remains a dialer that makes calls from the database and is directed to an agent if a human voice is triggered, which also helps agents to identify the busy signals and avoid manual dialing. Another distinguishing feature of this software is to be able to dial multiple numbers for time optimization.

Also, this technology has impressive user-friendly features like call recording, IVR, Call Queue, Music on Hold, call barging, voicemail to email and many more to ensure perfect communication with your customers. Today, predictive dialer enables us in minimizing the up-front capital costs, reduced overhead and cut off IT costs.

Rich Text Messaging (RTM)

Lastly, Rich Text Messaging which is more like a communication protocol began its journey in 2007 as a Rich Communication Service (RCS) and was taken over by GSMA. Which is 2016, was announced as a set of standards that all mobile operators, phone manufacturers, and software providers could use to enable RCS on their device. This turns out today to be RTM, building a relationship between phone and carrier with the primary intention of replacing the SMS technology with rich text message system.

Text messages as seen on mobile phones lack some features that can boost your sales — features like reading receipts, group messaging and many more. Also, the dependency of text messages on a cellular network remains a limiting factor alongside the 160 characters’ limitation. The Rich Text Messaging is a sophisticated approach, precisely facilitating users with images, audio, and video notes with a navigation guide for interactive communication facility.

Vacation industry can boost their sales and ensure leads, at its best as they can send lice updates about upcoming tours, dates and even allow customers to make purchases from within the Apps.

The global travel industry enlarges with an average annual rate of 5%, with that consumer options are inflated, where travel agencies and hotel-property companies got to face uncertainty. This growth has responded with resolution with increased ROI and lead conversions.

Last Words

All in all, we at LeadsRain provide you the tailor-made solutions for the personalized way to target the audience. We offer you cross-channel marketing to rapidly adapt the customer behavior and generate leads. With ample of information, you can improve functionality to drive organizational change with global reach.

Our Service stands alone to furnish and craft services according to your campaigns with ‘Service Suggestions’ feature and provide you omnichannel fluidity of resources under one Umbrella to help you find the right way of approaching your precise audience. Together we help drive the cold leads into hot and guide you expand your market share with unrivaled competency with affordability and feasibility.

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