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Technology Cuts: Trends That Can Drive Success to Business

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The best businessmen understand that the fundamental formula for success is constant scrutiny and transformation. There are a lot of issues that can go unnoticed for long periods of time and then suddenly come up to hinder commercial progress. New startups face similar problems, and this is the reason why entrepreneurs fail to get past the initial stages of business and crumble. Technology is having a significant impact on startups and experienced companies. Let’s look at some of the technology trends that we can expect in 2019.

The Cloud Becomes More Complex

“The Cloud” is one of the most popular buzzwords in the IT hall-of-fame. It has been used in movies, magazines, and even advertisements. Conventional on-premise solutions such as intrusion prevention systems and firewalls will all be integrated and virtualized in the cloud. Hybrid solutions which are some of the most cost-effective communication tools combine on-premise components with cloud systems. These hybrid-solutions will also become even more closely integrated into ‘the cloud’.

Cloud solutions deliver superb marketing tools using technology since they integrate logistics both from the cloud provider and vendor. This process of integration will become even more efficient. Increased efficiency means lower prices for retailers. All things considered, the first trend is that ‘the cloud’ will continue to grow and expand to become even more complicated. Research and development will be focused on successfully integrating AI into the cloud. AI will also be incorporated into the cloud.

AR and VR Technology Taking Main Stage

AR and VR technology is completely changing the way we interact with each other. Currently, the VR headsets are being marketed to a niche market. Users are spending money on the earphones. But users are still overwhelmed by the amount of money spent in comparison to the limited viability of the headset. Experts and analysts are hard at work trying to devise an extensive design that addresses all of these user’s demands.

Virtual reality could easily replace workers who perform repetitive tasks tediously. Just like the autonomous vehicle which is under production. Corporations can boost their digital marketing campaign by employing augmented reality (AR). AR lets some of the biggest corporations replicate a marketplace more accurately and realistically for their buyers. The benefit of this for business is reduced costs and increased profits with higher levels of customer satisfaction. The customer or client achieves higher levels of customer satisfaction because with the use of virtual reality what the customer sees is what he gets.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

For the people apprehensive about artificial intelligence, AI brings with it numerous advantages. Formerly, the business would pay huge amounts to customer service representatives to administer personalized services to their clients. Administering 24/7 customer support for any company was a tedious and expensive process. This was because not all customer service representatives were ready to work in the wee hours of the night or early morning. Online shopping was a complicated process both for users and businesses administering services. With such advancements in technology, customer service representatives no longer need to improve public speaking skills to assist customers.

Chatbots with voice recognition conveniently replace customer service representatives. Chatbots streamline the business cycle and eliminate any chances of human error. Voice recognition tools integrated with AI helps identify single customers and their buying habits. The voice recognition software helps easily identify customers. For business, this means that instead of having to worry about the routine work performed by customer service representatives, they can now dedicate their efforts to solving more challenging logistical dilemmas. All this is achieved with lower costs and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Performance of Security Systems

Instead of marketing alternatives small business are more concerned about the security of their data. This includes data which is on their central server, local server and even the information which is on each workstation. Each one of these devices is prone to contemporary viruses which could render the entire workstation useless. The following is a brief list of the type of viruses which a machine could be infected with:

  • Boot Infectors: Infect the master boot sector and boot sector.
  • Browser Hijacker: Keeps redirecting the user to various sites.
  • Cluster Virus: Also known as a directory virus or file system virus is located in the hard drive but infects the entire directory. These viruses infect the computer by changing the file location path indicated by a directory.
  • Companion Virus: Infect and reside on the computer.
  • Direct Action Virus: Keeps changing location will be executed when a specific condition is met. It will infect the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
  • Email Virus: This virus is hidden in the user’s email until the recipient opens the email.
  • FAT Virus: Located and infects the FAT (File Allocation Table).
  • Macro Virus: Located hidden in attachments shared through the network or email. This virus adds malicious code to authentic macros in specific programs such as PPT, DOC, XLS or MDB
  • Memory-resident Virus: Located in the computer’s memory, it is activated when the operating system runs specific functions or applications.
  • Multipartite Virus: Located in the computer’s memory infects the executable files and the boot sector. This virus spreads in various different ways.

This is not a comprehensive list. This is just part of the reason why spending on cybersecurity in the United States has more than doubled from 2010 to 2018. The type of operating system your company uses will have a significant effect on the overall security of your network and data. It is also recommended to proceed with caution whenever you purchase software from the internet. Just like some of the most shocking rules which exist in school make it a rule to not allow users to make software purchases online, especially in the office.

Keeping Manpower Satisfied with Technology

The employees in a company are the company’s largest intangible asset. The value of this asset cannot be defined fully by any company. Each company will provide its employees with facilities and expect them to achieve their daily, weekly and monthly targets and responsibilities. If employees are taken care of and cherished by their organization, this will have an overall positive effect on their performance. Let’s look at the various ways organizations can use technology to empower workers with a better office atmosphere.

First of all, every organization should have employee ID cards with an electronic punch-in machine. The worker can use this to mark their daily attendance with this company ID card. Once inside, each worker should have their unique cubicle where they can place their personal items. The cubicles need to be numbered with matching numbers for their workstation. Once on the workstation, the employee requires to login to their work portal with their unique username ID and password. Once logged in the portal, the user can see their monthly salary and how much they will get this month, with complete history. They can also see what is available for lunch in the cafeteria. From their portal, they can order lunch or a snack which will be brought to their desks by the cafeteria staff. The lunch total will be deducted from their monthly salary. Users can connect their personal cell phones to access unlimited Wi-Fi as long as they are in the workplace. The HR department can use the employee portal to announce office communiqué to all the employees at once.

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