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My SMTP Service Provider Rocks. And, Here’s Why…

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Have you ever wondered how you receive and send emails? No. 

Well, SMTP service provider like Google or Outlook gives the authentic standards to email service that ensures your email will actually be delivered into your inbox. There are plenty of different SMTP service providers available – both free and paid. 

But, we are going to talk about the top 10 best SMTP services so that you can say, “My SMTP Service Provider Rocks!”

What is the Best SMTP?

The SMTP server, aka Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server, is a server that is utilized to receive, send, and transfer email between senders and receivers. If you are an online business user, you should get the best SMPT service because –

  • To send user registration emails
  • Send emails for order or delivery confirmation
  • Send notifications about new products or services 
  • Easily recover old password and so on. 

Top 10 Best SMTP Services 

If you want to smoothly send and receive business emails, you can use the following Windows SMTP service providers – 

  1. DuoCircle 

DuoCircle is one of the best outbound SMTP service providers. SMPT service with DuoCircle offers protection against phishing attacks, ransomware, malware, and all other kinds of spoofing. This SMPT server offers MX email backup, so you will never again lose your vital emails. Additionally, DKIM Signing and SPF Validation give high-level IP reputation handling. 

  1. ServerSMTP

Turbo SMTP is a robust and simple to use SMTP service provider that can maximize the delivery rate of your transactional and marketing emails. This SMTP server is trusted by more than 100,000 customers around the globe. If you use this SMTP server, your message will be recognized by email servers and safely delivered to the designated place. 

  1. SendinBlue 

For OBLs, SendinBlue is a powerful SMTP server that offers various features such as email marketing, SMS marketing, transactional emails, and live chat. It is a very friendly server; you can integrate it with WordPress and an array of third-party platforms like Google Analytics, OptinMonster, and many others. 

  1. Mailgun

Among developers and business owners, Mailgun is a highly popular server. From dynamic APIs to transactional emails, everything can be handled with it. Additionally, easy WordPress integration makes it the perfect SMTP solution for eCommerce and subscription-based websites. It is the best service when you want to scale up your business. 

  1. SendGrid 

It is a cloud-based SMTP email service provider that facilitates you to manage mass emails without handling an SMTP server. SendGrid offers scalability and flexibility to small businesses with easy WordPress integration. 

  1. Amazon SES 

In the cloud computing industry, AWS is a big name. Amazon Web Services also includes SES, aka Simple Email Service addon as well. Marketers and developers can easily send notifications, marketing, and transactional emails with Amazon SES. It is one of the most cost-effective SMPT solutions in the market. 

  1. G Suite 

It is a Google productivity suite for online businesses. You can interlink all other Google products like Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, and Gmail with your own domain name. This way, you can get a professional email address while using the familiar Google interface. 

  1. Kingmailer 

It might be only a transactional email service provider, but its inbox delivery is magnificent. All the transactional emails like sign up, password resent, abandoned cart notifications, and others are perfectly sorted with Kingmailer. For eCommerce users, it is an ideal SMTP server.

  1. Mailify

It is the latest SMTP service provider designed by a European company. Mailify has an interesting drag and drop editor and plenty of campaign performance features like delivered, clicks, errors, and many more. Additional to email marketing, the server offers various other services such as automation software, SMS marketing, sign-up forms, etc. 

  1. Pepipost

With a 5x faster email delivery service provider, Pepipost is a highly popular SMTP server out there. This server helps you in tracking and analyzing all of your marketing emails. It stores your email campaigns for 90 days. Furthermore, SPF and DKIM inbuilt functionally improve the spoofing risk level. 

Now, if you want to get a rocking SMTP service provider to improve your email marketing and delivery performance, you should pick the best SMTP service provider today. That’s because a free SMTP server can only help up to a certain extent. So, let’s rock your online marketing service and business with the best SMTP service provider!

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