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The Benefits of Introducing Smart Home Technology Into Your Business

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Millions of homes across the United States enjoy the advantages of smart home technology.

An automated home is a household utilizing internet-connected devices for remote control and maintenance of appliances and services, such as lighting and heating. It’s often referred to as domotics or home automation. 

This innovation allows homeowners to control smart devices. It provides them with comfort, security, energy efficiency, and convenience. Smart home devices often operate in unison. This enables them to automate actions based on an individual’s preferences.

Yet, homeowners aren’t the only ones that can profit from this innovation. Implementing this technology into your business ensures increased operating cost-efficiency while maximizing productivity. Integrating domotics will track systems around the clock, decrease waste, and improve overall efficiency.

How Can Smart Home Systems Help a Business?

Programmable ecosystems enable connected home devices to enhance people’s comfort levels by learning how they live. When installed in a business, these systems can optimize the office environment by determining when it’s occupied.

Automated facilities systems assist companies in several ways to reduce inefficient operations. This technology, when focused on both the building and business, can turn your office into a valuable and tactical asset.

No business is the same. Thus you need to install a system that best suits your needs. Here are some of the advantages of smart home systems.

Employing Virtual Assistants

Some of the most used smart home devices include:

  • Automated Locks
  • TVs
  • Smart Thermostats 
  • Automated lights 

A virtual assistant is a gadget that brings all of these devices together. It allows you to connect with and give instructions to them. 

Business owners can make further use of these nifty devices. Things like accessing essential data when you need it, scheduling meetings, and scanning through your emails are all made possible with a virtual assistant. Unfortunately, AI technology is not yet developed enough to mimic human-to-human conversation.

Improved Security

Combined with automated home security systems, virtual assistants grant home and business owners access to remote monitoring. This, in conjunction with intelligent security hubs, enables you to control:

  • Lights
  • TV’s 
  • Sound systems
  • Blinds

 All-in-all, this ensures enhanced security.

With telecommuting on the rise, it’s become essential for businesses to have a smart security system installed that allows for remote monitoring and adjustment. These systems will:  

  • Alert you of intrusions
  • Monitor suspicious activity 
  • Control lights, blinds, door locks, etc.

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of smart home technology is cost-saving energy efficiency. Automating specific devices saves energy and thus money on utility bills; these include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Water heaters
  • Lights,
  • TVs

Automated energy monitoring in a building allows you to pinpoint problem areas. The ability to adjust certain elements remotely reduces wasteful energy consumption. These elements include:

  • Temperature settings
  • Light settings
  • Water flow
  • Air conditioning

Smart thermostats adjust heating and cooling according to the presence of people in the room. This feature can save you as much as 25% on your energy bill.

Increased Property Value

This is probably more applicable to homeowners. However, many business owners opt to buy their business premises instead of renting it. Consumers are typically willing to spend more on a property with lower utility bills and more efficiency. 

Reports show that smart home upgrades can increase your property value by up to 5%. Appraisers are also getting into the habit of considering these improvements. Automated home security systems and devices that save money tend to produce the highest increase in value.

Safe and Secure Access for Visitors

Traditionally, you would hide a key for expected visitors under the floor mat, in the flower bed, etc. to allow them access when you’re not there. This is, however, not a safe thing to do. A much more reliable way to do this is by installing a smart lock. 

These locks allow you to forward a digital key to your expected visitor. It’s basically a code uploaded to your smartphone that, through Bluetooth technology, acts as a key to your smart lock.

This adds extra security to your smart home or business because, unlike standard keys, it’s not easy to copy digital ones. This results in a reduced risk of having unwanted guests.

The convenience and added security of sending a digital key, which you can delete or pause as needed, beats putting a key under the mat any day.

Decreased Insurance Premiums

Specific smart home gadgets, when connected, can prevent theft, accidents, and damage to your house or business. Installing devices like automated security systems and detectors typically result in discounted premiums from your insurance company. Contact your provider to find out exactly which upgrades will potentially have this effect.

More Peace of Mind

A smart home or business improves your peace of mind. This technology is controlled by apps that you can upload to your smartphone. It allows for complete control of your connected devices from anywhere that there’s internet connectivity. 

This enables you to ensure that devices are turned off, and all doors are locked without having to be there. Ultimately this results in providing you with a heightened sense of security.

Is the Expense of Smart Home Technology Worth It for Businesses?

Although it’s expensive to integrate smart technology into your home or business, its benefits are worth the expense. A smart home automation system, in the long-term, is proven to be highly beneficial.

It saves you money on several expenses and increases the value of your property. Thus it’s fair to say that this technology pays for itself. 

Creating an automated business doesn’t have to be expensive or happen overnight. There are affordable modular systems on the market that allow you to start with a small network and expand over time. So, take the first step and connect to a couple of high-tech smart home devices. You will impress yourself!

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