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The Benefits of Multichannel Ordering Systems

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In the modern world, customers no longer go to restaurants as much as they used to in the past. Nowadays, a vast number of customers chooses to order their food instead – and they prefer to do it online. With a proper Multichannel Ordering System, your restaurant will be able to stand tall in the competitor market.

What Is an Online Ordering System?

In simple terms, an Online Ordering System is a piece of software that allows your restaurant to accept and realize online orders. Many customers, especially younger ones, do not want to use their phones to call a restaurant to place an order. Instead, they want to do it online, preferably through your restaurant’s website.

Many customers, when confronted with having to make a phone call to place an order, will instead look for another restaurant that allows them to place the order via their smartphone or computer. With an Online Ordering System, you can make sure that your customers have a quick and easy way to place an order.

What Is a Multichannel Ordering System?

While an Online Ordering System only operates deliveries and takeaway orders via the Internet, a Multichannel Ordering System is a complex framework that can take your restaurant to the next level. Usually, the functions of a Multichannel Ordering System include self-service kiosks with dedicated applications, orders via smartphone that allow customers to skip the line, as well as order status screens.

A Multichannel Ordering System also benefits your employees, giving them access to necessary information, for example through a Kitchen Display System that shows the placed orders and allows them to easily update their status.

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Here are the advantages of having a multichannel ordering system for your restaurant.

1. Automation

Using multichannel ordering systems automates your normal ordering process. This automation implies that there will be no interruptions of ringing phones or spending time taking orders or payment details. 

Therefore, your employees can devote enough time to your customers.  Eventually, you’ll make your take away and pickup consumers happy. Additionally, your customers in the eatery will benefit from your staff’s undivided attention. 

Apart from these aspects, automation has numerous other benefits. For instance, you will not need to employ workers to take care of phone orders. Precision increases and refuse reduces since the customer is in charge of placing orders. Since there is a low volume in the dining room, there’s no likelihood of being misheard. Disputes are also minimal, and contentment is assured.  

With marketing automation, you can also benefit from online ordering systems. You can set publicizing pricing and your day-to-day specials ahead of time.  Later on, you can forward notifications to your customers so they can benefit from your offers. 

2. Convenience for Customers

Because of current busy lifestyles, many people are always in a hurry.  Convenience is essential in this globe where every minute counts. Owing to this fact, customers tend to come back to a restaurant where they can order food easily at their convenience.  

3. Increased Orders

Being a restaurant owner, you have to do everything possible to reinforce the heart of the matter. Having more orders means that you’re earning more money. Therefore, there’s no doubt that you would want to do everything necessary to realize that goal. 

Multichannel ordering systems provide you with a platform that you can use to increase sales. You’re desirable to a digital-savvy population that likes to order online rather than use other options available. If you own a website that promotes online ordering, queries on search engines will convert this demographic into customers. 

4. Marketing Opportunities

Online food ordering systems offer different tools that enable restaurants to attract more visitors to their websites.  These tools include a multiple channel campaign director to advertise your offers, an integrated client database, and a promotion engine.

Online restaurant associates can also access your loyalty program and foster more business deals. Regular clients spend approximately 65% more than one-time customers. Therefore, offering loyalty programs should always be your primary focus. 

5. Minimize Costly Errors

An ordering error is one of the most significant causes of refuse and loss in restaurants. You are likely to experience more errors if you have a busy restaurant with more distraction potentials. Occasionally, you might assume that; mistakes are bound to happen since you and your staff are only human. However, when the expenses of these errors increase in number, you might have unexpected ripple effects.

For instance, when an order arrives when the staff is answering several phone calls, they might forget to order some items. The staff might also mistakenly order incorrect menu items or even pack them incorrectly.

Once the order is delivered, the customer becomes frustrated after identifying the mistake. The result is a sequence of events needed to rectify the mistake. These events may consume a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent doing other things. 

A multichannel ordering system guarantees the accuracy, and in rare cases, if errors arise, you’ll certainly not be accountable.

The benefits of multichannel ordering systems are becoming more apparent every day. Therefore, if you wish to succeed as a restaurant owner, it’s best you consider setting up a multichannel ordering system.

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