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5 Email Clients That Will Make You Forget About Outlook Express

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Way back all the users who were using Outlook Express in Windows XP get surprised when they found it is no longer present in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10. This happened because Microsoft has replaced Outlook Express on Windows Vista with another email client named as Windows Mail. But, both Windows Vista and this new email program proves a big failure of Microsoft as they missed so many popular and handy features of Outlook Express and received several critics.
Even after discontinuing Outlook Express officially with the launch of Vista, there are some users who still running this discontinued email client with some workarounds. However, we strictly recommend to not use it as Microsoft will remove Outlook Express from your computer if discovered. Instead of this, we advise you to choose a better desktop-based email client with more powerful features to manage your multiple email accounts from one place. In this article, we’re going to present top Outlook Express alternatives so that you can pick the right one.

#1. Microsoft Outlook

Most Powerful and Reliable Email Program

Microsoft Outlook is basically a part of MS Office Suite of applications and can be purchased separately as an emailing service. It is used as the default email client by most of the individuals and enterprises. Its reliability, handy features, and amazing services took it beyond a simple email management program. This program will allow you to store, send, receive emails and that’s why it is also known as Personal Information Management Tool. In order to make the user experience smooth, it allows managing emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals as well.

Other Key Features

  • Offline Access to Mailbox: No matter if you’re connected to the Internet or not, you can read and respond to your emails as usual with Outlook. After re-establishing the Internet Connection, all the emails will be sent automatically.
  • Multiple Flags and Rules: With Outlook, it is easy to flag emails and changes the importance of an email to be more productive. Moreover, it allows you to assign categories and create new Rules to move emails to various folders.
  • Sort Emails Accordingly: MS Outlook allows you to search emails in multiple ways and presents the most accurate search results. One can also sort Outlook emails by date and size of email messages.
  • Ignore Chaffy Conversations: Since we receive many emails that are worth ignoring and with Outlook you can do this simply. After a single click, all such conversations will be moved to Deleted Items Folder.

Supported Platforms: Windows OS, Web, iOS, and Android

#2. eM Client

Intuitive and Distinctly Modern Email Service

eM Client is another best emailing client that comprises all the basic features expected from Outlook Express alternatives. It allows quick access to all the configured accounts along with corresponding folders, contacts, calendars, and tasks. This email program has the ability to convert sent emails into 39 different languages and the translation can be done in a couple of clicks. It provides support to all the major emailing services i.e., iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Likewise, its latest version (v7.2) also supports PGP encryption, basic image editing, and live backup facilities.

Other Key Features

  • Supports Modern Technologies: eM Client is an eminent email client that provides support to all conceivable emailing services like IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Office 365, and Exchange.
  • Allow Email Encryption: With this emailing service, you can simply encrypt and signed email messages, which is not that easy with other email clients. Besides, you can schedule your messages to be sent at a particular time and date.
  • Translate Email Messages: In eM Client, whenever you will receive a message in any language, you can translate it into any other language in a single click. This is a unique and very handy feature to maintain a smooth workflow.
  • Create Live Backup: With eM Client you no longer need to exist from the application in order to create a backup of your emails. You can back up your account data simply from the application itself while it is underway.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS

#3. Mozilla Thunderbird

An Incredible Open Source Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird is a classic emailing service that comes up with several handy features like searching, filtering, archiving, high level security and much more. You can install and use this program without any licensing issues. Moreover, you can add so many extensions in Mozilla Thunderbird and customize it in the way you like to see it. The best part about this Outlook Express alternative is that it allows linking files that are too large in size and with this, you can read RSS news channels. The email account configuration process is also very simple with it.

Other Key Features

  • Never Forgot Attachments: With Thunderbird, you will never forget to attach files whenever needed as it has Attachment Remainder feature. This will always remind you to add an attachment before hitting the Send button.
  • Open and Use Multiple Tabs: Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to load different emails in multiple separate tabs for easy accessing. This gives users a powerful visual experience and one can easily switch among tabs.
  • Check All Account Activity: The Activity Manager of Thunderbird records all the interactions between application and email providers. So, you can check what’s happening with your email client from one place only.
  • Set Up Account Accordingly: Before using Mozilla Thunderbird as Outlook Express alternative, you must have to know your IMAP, SMTP, and TLS/ SSL settings. After that, you can enter name, email, and password to set up your email account.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS

#4. Apple Mail

A Smart, Simple, and Productive Email Program

Apple Mail is the de facto Mac email client that provides support to all your email accounts and provides a simple interface to manage everything. If you are the one who is looking for a simple, reliable emailing service that provides strong archiving and managing features then, Apple Mail is the best pick for you. With iCloud, you can send files up to 5 GB and you will get stationary styles and graphics to compose your emails. IMAP, POP, Exchange all accounts can be managed simply using this.

Other Key Features

  • Set Flag on Important Emails: If you often receive or sent several emails on a daily basis then, you can set crucial emails as flags to access them instantly. And so, you don’t need to waste so much of your time in searching for critical emails.
  • Smart Mailboxes for Categorization: Apple Mail allows users to create new mailboxes and assign the rules as per requirement. These Smart Folders will send all the incoming emails to these mailboxes and saves a lot of time.
  • Increase Your Mail Performance: With time, the efficiency of all email clients gets decreased and they start responding sluggishly. But, this issue can be resolved in Apple Mail easily via disabling the Image Previews.
  • Powerful Searching of Emails: Apple Mail is a very efficacious Outlook Express Alternative in all aspects as it offers all the extraordinary features. In addition, its Search feature proves very advantageous to get desired emails quickly.

Supported Platforms: macOS, iOS and watchOS

#5. Windows Live Mail

A Successor Over Outlook Express with Easy Set Up

Windows Live Mail is a freeware email client developed by Microsoft as a part of Windows Essentials 2012 Suite. Its interface resembles with other apps of Microsoft like Office 2010 and this emailing service is best for all home and small business users. It includes calendar and conversation view facilities for strong user experience. It provides support to all the Web-based email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

Other Key Features

  • Easy Email Account Management: With Windows Live Mail you can take a quick view of emails and use image blockers to protect yourself against spammers. Also, you can drag and drop emails for easy organization of emails.
  • Complete Protection Against Attacks: Windows Live Mail comprise A-level security feature that defends users from phishing attacks. It protects users account data and credentials with various types of securities.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: In some cases, two or more users need to work on the same document so this can be done easily using this email client. Also, while editing the file you can see the number of users editing the same file in its bottom.
  • Easily Send Large Data Files: After integrating WLM with Skydrive, one can send up to 10 GB files in a single email. After that, the receiver will get a URL of this huge file and after clicking on the link, the file will be downloaded on the system.

Supported Platform: Windows OS

Goodbye Outlook Express!

Since email is a very crucial part of today’s life so, even some small features can affect your experience with the present email client. Ultimately its all up to you to choose the best emailing service that fits the finest as per your requirements and preferences. Hence, if you’ve picked your Outlook Express alternative from the above list but also don’t want to leave your Outlook Express data then, don’t worry, we have a solution for that too. You can use Outlook Express Converter to export emails from Outlook Express DBX files to multiple email clients like MS Outlook, eM Client, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, and other desired mail clients.