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Looking for a Business Car? Here are the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars to Choose From

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If you’re going to be on the road a lot for business reasons, or if your company will be providing a company car to your employees, you will need to find one as fuel-efficient as possible. However, this can often be easier said than done. This post will cover some of the best options on the market that are well-built and won’t cost a fortune at the pump.


What To Look For In A Fuel Efficient Car

A fuel-efficient car is a car that gets the best mileage and uses less fuel. The fuel-efficient car market is becoming an important segment of the automotive industry as consumers are increasingly aware of the cost of gas and other related products. Unfortunately, fuel economy has become a very confusing topic for many people. Many factors influence how much you will be spending on gas for your vehicle. Some of these factors include size, weight, design, manufacturer, and more. No wonder it can be hard to figure out what kind of vehicle will give you the most fuel efficiency for your money! According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), When trying to get the most performance out of a vehicle, there are three key things to consider when making a purchase: 

  1. Engine size
  2. Aerodynamics
  3. Rolling resistance

Each one contributes to the car’s overall performance in terms of how it performs in different driving conditions.

Cadillac XT4

The Cadillac XT4 is a compact crossover SUV designed to give drivers the best of both worlds, comfort, and performance. It is a fantastic choice for business people who will be driving long distances as its stated MPG is 30 on the highway, and it has plenty of room for other passengers and their luggage (great for business trips). If you are looking for a place to purchase an affordable XT4, you should check your local dealerships. If you are looking to save the most amount money, you should consider a pre-owned one. Furthermore, the Cadillac dealer in Cherry Hill recommends that you check their monthly promotions on pre-owned models to get the best deal. In addition to its excellent fuel efficiency and roomy interior, the XT4 has a raft of driver aids that help long-distance drivers to remain safe when on long journeys. 

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

It has been decades since Toyota first brought a hybrid version of its famously frugal compact car to the United States. However, it is now possible to purchase their latest hybrid Corolla, which is fantastic news for anyone who uses their vehicle for business. You can often find former fleet Carolla’s that have little mileage and have been well maintained. Moreover, the hybrid engine takes fuel efficiency and overall convenience to the next level, with an estimated highway MPG of 53. Also, depending on the version, horsepower ranges from 139 to 169. This combines a punchy driving experience with efficiency.

Ford Fusion Hybrid SE

There are two versions of the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE: 

  1. Traditional gas-electric hybrid.
  2. A plug-in hybrid that can run on battery only for short distances. 

The average fuel economy between the two is the same, so heavy drivers might find it more convenient to have a car that doesn’t need to be plugged in. Nevertheless, with an estimated city MPG of 43 and 41 for the highway, your costs will be substantially lower than other cars of this class.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue

In this list, the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue ranks highest in terms of fuel economy. Hyundai claims that this is the most economical car in the USA regarding fuel economy and its figures ring true. With 57 MPG in the city and 59 on the highway, it is incredibly frugal. Interestingly, the fully gas version is more economical than its hybrid brother, making it a good choice for rural business people who do not have access to recharging stations.

Ford Escape FWD HEV

The Ford is almost the best of all worlds. It has an incredible MPG of 44 in the city and is powerful enough to deal with all situations you might encounter. Its all-wheel-drive feature is also great for driving long distances and in most weather conditions. With 200 horsepower, there is plenty of grunt to accommodate multiple adult passengers and their luggage.

Toyota Camry

Finishing up this post is the iconic Camry, a staple of business people worldwide. You can often find this car at excellent prices as it is one of the most commonly leased vehicles in America. However, the most exciting feature of the Camry is its respectable highway MPG of 39. Although it doesn’t quite match the economy of some other cars on this list, it is also not to be overlooked.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient car to use for your business, this article will hopefully help you find the best car for the job. From the super-efficient Hyundais to the iconic Toyota Camry, there is something for every need.

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