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5 Best HTML5 Video Players Alternatives to JW Player

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If you Google search a phrase, sometimes you get video suggestions that aren’t always on Youtube. There are numerous online video players that host a variety of video services for their customers, one of them being JW Player. JW Player is one of the top HTML5 video players in the market with an array of services and solutions for individuals and organizations. They have had a lot of experience in the video industry and are currently catering to a few Fortune 500 companies as well.

But on the flip side, JW Player has its shortcomings and its solutions may not be compatible with everyone’s business model. If you’re reading this article, you know that for some reason JW Player isn’t the right choice for you and that development of a similar HTML5 video player from scratch takes a lot of time and money. Lucky for you, there are plenty of HTML5 video player alternatives out there and each one has it’s ups and downs. Ultimately, you’ve got to make the decision about which video player you’ll opt for your enterprise.

1.Vplayed HTML5 Player

Vplayed is an enterprise-grade video player that provides support for HTML5, HLS, and Flash. It is packed with multiple features like Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Video-on-demand, Audio-on-demand, Live Streaming, multiple monetization options and other amazing characteristics that make it one of the best HTML5 video and audio players for enterprises. Vplayed is essentially a solution, which means it is 100% customizable as well as scalable to over a million viewers simultaneously. Its UI/UX complement viewer aesthetics, developing an immensely intuitive and responsive interface design. Vplayed also comes fully integrated with Chromecast and AppleTV compatibility, bringing the HTML5 video player market to the future of online broadcasting.


Being a fully HTML5 universal video player, THEOplayer is compatible with every Android, iOS and web device, making it one of the top players in the market. THEOplayer in itself doesn’t include a CMS, security features, analytics or advertising medium, but it provides similar functionality by integrating with identical solutions like Outbrain, MOAT, DRM, Chartbeat, etc. Its selective customizability makes it an ideal choice for medium to large enterprises who wish to build a custom HTML5 video player.

3. Cloudinary Video Player

While Cloudinary has a number of products and services on its website, a notable service is its HTML5 video player. Their video platform is monetization and analytics-ready with compatibility across multiple devices and screen sizes. The video player utilizes Cloudinary’s own video delivery and manipulation solution which features Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, a good level of customization potential and AVOD monetization option. The player itself has a plethora of general as well as advanced features that enhance the user experience and support multiple video formats,


Flowplayer is a light HTML5 video player known for live streaming and video-on-demand platform. Although their monetization strategy only includes ad media, they have a stunning set of features including but not limited to real-time analytics, live stream scheduling and light yet intuitive UI/UX. Its impeccable speed play and ad fill rates have set Flowplayer apart and have compensated its lack of monetization options and customizability.


Kaltura is the world’s first open source HTML5 video player for iOS, Android and websites. Like Vplayed, Kaltura has the capability to fall back on to Flash if the device or browser does not support HTML5. Packed with features like Adaptive Bitrate Video Delivery and in-system analytics, Kaltura sits in the list of top HTML5 video players in the market. They have their own Content Management System known as Kaltura Management Console (KMC) which is surrounded by rigorous security features like DRM, SSL, and SSO, making Kaltura an all-rounded player.

Here are some of the top HTML5 video player alternatives to JW Player. Every player has its limitations and its advantages. You have to choose the one according to your requirements and needs and one that sits well with your enterprise with regards to efficiency and scalability.

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