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Fiber Internet Connectivity – the Best Choice for Your Business?

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Fiber optic is taking over the world of the Internet. Well, with the blazing speed that it offers, who wouldn’t want to opt for it. Although the service comes at an expensive rate, it is worth the money. It might not be that common amongst households. However, businesses are shifting to the Fiber Optic Internet. If you happen to be an AT&T customer, you’d pretty much agree with me on the speed part. Now almost every ISP offers fiber internet connectivity.

Fiber Internet – What Makes It Different

Fiber Optic Internet refers to the transfer of signals through multiple strands of optic fibers. The optic fibers are hair-like strands of glass designed to transmit light. When you combine hundreds of these strands, they are able to transmit waves of light to a distance of up to 60 miles. This is a fast and efficient way of transmitting data. As not much loss occurs as in the case of copper cables. Hence, making optic fiber a famous choice when it comes to transmitting data over long distances. You must keep in mind, however, that while this is the fastest internet available, it’s still a relatively new technology, so you might want to check if there are fiber optic internet providers in your area.

There are many advantages that businesses get from opting for Fiber Internet:


One of the most prominent advantages is the speed with which data travels through optic fibers. This means that companies can bypass the periods of heavy traffic smoothly. Hence, increasing the productivity of employees at work. And more productivity, more the revenue. Not to forget the satisfaction that it brings among employees.


Hackers pose an immense amount of threat when it comes to cyberspace. Signal interception and cable tapping are very common practices among hackers. These practices lead to information leakage. However, capturing data through fiber cables is a bit difficult. Hence, making it a safe option.


If you compare all types of Internet services out there, you will learn that the most reliable among them is optic fiber. When I say reliable, it refers to the following factors:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Atmospheric moisture
  • Severe weather

The optic fiber can combat all of them. Because it is built in a way that unless it is physically harmed, it won’t be affected.

Cloud Access

According to researches, around 82% of the organizations are using the cloud in some capacity. In fact, the cloud is now a very important business tool because of the convenience it offers for data storage. The cloud is also a very important business tool when it comes to apps and hosting. And the speed that Fiber Internet offers, it makes it easy to access the data as well as the applications stored on the cloud. This is a very important feature because using cloud facilities is now crucial to every business. Because of the lack of delays and the efficiency with which the employees can connect with each other. This includes interactions with customers as well.


Businesses that have to deal with heavy data transmission often face the problem of hitting the cap when it comes to Internet bandwidth. Well, fiber optic addresses this problem. It does so by offering a much higher bandwidth (though not unlimited) as compared to others.

Symmetric Speed

Symmetric speed refers to the same download and upload speeds. None of the Internet types offer this feature except optic fiber. Although, it is not crucial for businesses to have asymmetric speed. But it is beneficial.

Cost Savings

This might not make sense as you read the heading because Fiber Internet is actually expensive. But it will definitely make sense after you read the next line. Fast speed Internet helps to increase productivity. And you know what that translates into? More revenue. Fiber Internet will enable you to increase your productivity by many folds. Hence, increasing revenues.

HD Video

Many companies use teleconferencing or video conferencing to conduct interviews or connect to employees. Under such circumstances, it becomes a necessity to have HD quality video. If businesses opt for Fiber Internet, they can invest in video conferencing tools without having to compromise the bandwidth.


Fiber optic helps to eliminate several latency issues. Latency refers to the delays that occur while the data transmits over an Internet connection. And fiber optic addresses them. Making it easier for businesses to have more apps on cloud and improved collaboration between employees.

Having read about all the advantages that Fiber Internet has to offer, you must be overwhelmed by now. And might already be considering options. But the question is that is your company ready for optic fiber connection or not. There are a few pre-requisites for having an optic fiber connection.

Are You Ready for the Change?

Apart from the equipment, and installation process goes into getting a Fiber Internet connection. But before that, you should check the availability of the Fiber Internet in your area. Because not all areas have access to it. After that, you should contact the service provider to discuss the cost and the installation time that it would take. These two factors vary. As there are aerial as well as underground installations. After considering these factors, you will be in a better position to make a decision.

In case you are confused, you should check with a couple of companies. To the best of my knowledge, AT&T Fiber availability is more than any other companies offer. So, you might as well want to start by checking what they have to offer. Once sorted, you are good to go. You will not regret your decision when you start noticing the benefits it will bring to you.

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