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Top 5 Level Monitoring Solutions to Enhance Industrial Performance

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IoT is growing at a faster pace and is expected to soon be accepted by every industry. Research states that with an extremely vast IoT market, the technology has the potential to create $4 trillion to $11 trillion by the year 2025, profiting all the sectors with automation and better productivity.

Talking about diverse sectors, IoT is one of the finest technologies to rely on the current times. With its powerful solutions and their functioning in the industrial premises, it is a smarter way to obtain business profits. You can satisfy consumer needs without putting many efforts other than installing IoT enabled systems with the industry assets.

Large-scale industries like oil and gas, water use huge tanks to store liquids. It is a tedious task to manually check the levels of stored liquid. Also, there are multiple issues like overspilling and leakages that cannot be identified through manual supervision. Hence, there comes a need for a level monitoring solution to mitigate all such issues. Let’s find out the top 5 level monitoring solutions that can be used to enhance industrial performance.

5 Smart Level Monitoring Solutions that Improve Industrial Productivity

The Internet of Things creates a huge interconnected network among the industrial assets for better communication and productivity. It helps in staying alert regarding every activity within the industry premises. Also, the developers are working every day to introduce innovation and develop better IoT solutions that not only help boost industrial productivity but also serve consumers with satisfactory services.

The IoT-powered level monitoring solution is a sensor-enabled system that works through automated level measurement readings. You can implement this solution to keep a real-time check on the liquid levels and maintain a proper inventory stock for adequate supplies. The solution supports different kinds of liquid and is compatible with various types of storage tanks, regardless of their orientations and build material. Here is a list of 5 level monitoring solutions that you can use to improve industrial services.

Beverage Level Monitoring

A wide variety of fruit blends, concentrates, concoctions, essential oils, etc. are stored in bulk quantities in huge tanks. Also, providing effective distribution to the end-consumer requires proper management of the liquid levels within the plant facility, so that the production doesn’t run out of stocks. With an IoT based level monitoring system, you can manage the levels of the beverages effectively.

The solution uses the abilities of a sensor and then transfers the captured data through a gateway on a cloud platform. It comprises of contactless sensors to capture data and display the information via mobile app or web portal. It sends instantaneous alerts on the connected smart device so that the managers can take immediate actions to optimize plant operations regarding beverage storage, production, or distribution. A beverage level monitoring system is an effective way to maintain liquid supplies. It also offers valuable insights for you to calculate overall production costs and ROI.

Corrosive Level Monitoring

If you own a chemical industry where you need to store corrosive liquids, a level monitoring solution is a must-have to maintain safety standards. Also, when you store toxic or caustic liquids in tanks, it becomes difficult to manually supervise the amount of liquid stored. An automated level monitoring solution is an effective way to keep a regular track of the inventory levels and save the data for future analysis.

The system uses wireless sensors that work through different technologies like RADAR and ultrasonic. It further transmits high-frequency waves which help in calculating the accurate distance of the sensor from the liquid’s surface level. This in turn measures the real-time level of the liquid present in the storage tank. You can utilize this single-shop solution to effectively manage all the industrial tasks. It is compatible with all kinds of tank material and functional with both open and closed tanks, which make it highly beneficial to upgrade your industry.

Fuel Level Monitoring

No matter automobiles or industries use fuels for their purposes, keeping track of the fuel consumption levels is very necessary. Keeping a record of the fuel levels provide business profits and identify the potential areas where the fuel is getting wasted. With the advent of IoT technology, measuring the fuel levels in a vehicle’s fuel tank or in an industrial storage tank has turned out to be a lot easier and quicker for the managers.

A fuel level monitoring system is a plug-and-play system that calibrates the level readings with the help of sensors. The readings are visually displayed on a user dashboard, providing real-time insights to make better decisions. Also, whenever there are chances of decreasing fuel levels due to leakages or thefts, it generates instant alerts by sending quick notifications to the main authorities. Moreover, you can add a smart meter along with level monitoring to enhance the entire plant’s performance. A smart meter working with a level monitoring system detects the fuel pressure and temperature in the distribution lines, offering a greater performance of the whole infrastructure.

River Level Monitoring

Monitoring the levels of moving water is the most difficult task for the industrialists. However, if they succeed in doing so, they can avoid the most disastrous thing taking place, floods. Rivers are exposed to extreme temperature conditions like in the summer season the level decreases while in monsoon the river level rises. The water level fluctuations in the river cause uneven management of river water.

A river level monitoring system poses the benefits of sensor devices, allowing automation and improved water management. You can measure the water levels present in rivers, streams, channels, or other watercourses in real-time from remote locations. Using the capabilities of gateways and asset interconnectivity, a river monitoring solution provides accurate readings of river levels. With the help of advanced analytics, the solution offers better insights about the rising water levels much prior to the infrastructure damage caused by floods, thus, saving thousands of lives.

Tank Level Monitoring

Tanks are used in almost every industry where you need to stock liquids. Thus, it is mandatory to keep a regular check on those inventory levels for consistent supplies. Tanks can be of different shapes and sizes and also movable or stationary, as per the industrial requirements. A tank level monitoring solution adapts to all the tank categories and provides monitoring results with accuracy.

Apart from level monitoring, the solution is further upgradable to measure the volume of the tanks. It helps in keeping up with the consumption and distribution of liquid in a particular facility. Companies can optimize their warehousing capabilities, predict the requirements, and balance supply-demand conditions in the market with the help of a volume level monitoring solution. One of the major advantages of using IoT powered level monitoring is that you can monitor the volume and levels of the tank remotely in real-time.

IoT is the best platform to enhance industrial strength and performance. With a large number of industries accepting this technology for their betterment, within no time IoT will cover every sector. A level monitoring solution is transforming the industries like beverage, oil and gas, water by providing automated services and accurate level calculations. This enhances industrial productivity, allowing the employees to work smarter and better. You can avail of many industrial benefits by implementing the abovementioned level monitoring solutions and improve the performance of industrial assets.

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