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How Cloud Telephony Can Help Your Business in 2019 ?

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Cloud technology has gained more popularity over the business environment and is growing exponentially. For many businesses, voice communication is an essential part of handling with clients and vendors. Voice communication has more potential than other communications and can make or break a deal. When it comes to CRM, voice plays a vital role and shows its impact on clients’ experience more than anything else. That is the place where Cloud Telephony comes in. With time, the usage of cloud telephony in the SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) field is growing significantly.

As per the Gartner’s report, the cloud service industry is expected to grow up to the US $383 billion by 2020. If you are still using old and traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, that means you are falling behind competitors. The advancement of new technology has made communication easy and effective. You can easily shift to cloud-based services without the need for any additional infrastructure or technical expertise.

Improving efficiency and increasing sales are top priorities for every business. To achieve this, cloud technology offers an array of opportunities through easy scalability, higher productivity, and faster growth. Many business owners have already made the transition to cloud telephony services to achieve bigger goals.

Through this blog post, I’m going to explore the top six benefits of using cloud telephony that can help your business in 2019.

Reduced Cost

Cloud telephony helps companies to reduce the costs by eliminating the need for installation and maintenance. They can manage their communication within their budget without reducing quality. Therefore, SMEs will be able to make effective communication with their clients and can run successful marketing campaigns. Cloud technology adoption offers additional features for companies. Through quick installation, low maintenance, minimal set-up cost, and the technology advancement, Cloud telephony can help businesses to get high ROI. Cloud technology doesn’t require any huge capital investment upfront.

Improved Productivity

Cloud telephony offers virtual call responsive service. Through this feature, you won’t miss any single call from a client at any time. As per analytics, the response rate for phone communication is 8.21% whereas email rate is 0.03%. Cloud will help to connect your clients conveniently from anywhere, at any time. It will make you accessible for your clients whenever they need and thus, gain client trust and increases the companies’ productivity.

Boost  Your Brand Image

Through this automated communication, your customers will be able to get connected directly to various departments whenever they want. It will help you to recognize as a professional organization that is fully equipped and well organized as MNCs. And also, by having local area codes, you can create an impression among the customers that your company has a local presence too. Therefore, you will be able to connect with your customers all over the world, whether or not all of your operations occur in precisely one workplace.

As a result, you can boost your business brand name through effective call management support and high-quality service. In such a way, you can build clients’ trust in your organization and advantage from the positive verbal exchange for potential clients.

Flexible Scalability

There are budget constraints for every SMEs to scale their operations. However, if you have shifted to the cloud solution, you do not need to invest in infrastructure or, and it will help your business grow easily as indicated by market needs. The only required thing is the route for incoming client call to added business extensions.

You can get access to deal with all your customers calls from any device any place. Hence your communications are managed through one channel with no restrictions. Therefore, cloud telephony provides the flexibility to scale up for your business to handle communication with a large client database.

Better Integration

Cloud telephony supports CRM integrations with Google spreadsheets, salesforce, Agile and other application. Thus, you will have various platforms to reach your clients. It also implies that your team members should be familiar with integration tools, otherwise they may need training. As a result, every employee will be able to reach clients quickly from any device and ensure that every client’s need is tended to regardless of where the employee is.

This cloud support, ability to work remotely helps organizations to give the best service to clients whenever they need, in turn, increases the chances of repeat purchases from exit client, and also positive feedback from potential clients.

Call Data Analytics

Cloud telephony system generates detailed information of each call and message such as – volume of calls, missed calls, average call time, cost per call and so on. This kind of data helps SMEs to track each client and also the performance of the employees without any extra resources to do such.

As a result, an organization can identify areas of improvement and know precisely what targets to set for the coming days. And also, helps provide explicit feedback and training to the employees to improve their performance, hence, making the communication as effective as possible.


It is hard to find the correct expertise and support needed to flourish in the business, and in the market. However, cloud telephony is a feasible solution for all your issues and creates few opportunities for development.

As per Microsoft, cloud services have helped SMEs to diminish IT workload by 42%. Cloud communication gives you a chance to scale your business as indicated by the market need by enabling you to work remotely. If you are running a business, cloud telephony is the right choice. It can furnish you all the best business communication tools to bring you closer to your clients and increases your presence in the business.

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