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How AR Mirror Photo Booths Are Effective In BTL Advertising

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The world of advertising is vast, it creates miracles and introduces new brands and services in the market. Advertising & marketing campaigns, brand positioning, brand awareness, brand value, etc. are the common terms, you all must have come across. Gone are the days when traditional forms of advertising or we call it ATL (above the line advertising) such as newspaper advertisements, commercials on television or radio are alone enough for a brand or a service to make a buzz.

In the fast-moving world, audience engagement became the prior necessity for any brand to make its presence felt. Sampling, brand events, trade shows and so on became the part of advertising and marketing that gives rise to BTL advertising. Many brands have made their name in the market by carrying out BTL marketing campaigns quite well.

As we stepped into the era of digitalization, go digital has become the theme. With the rapid competition going around, to make its place in strategic marketing dynamics, on-ground marketing campaigns are not effective alone to engage and evoke a sense of fun for today’s modern customers that demands a little extra to keep them hooked. Walking a few miles, and clubbing >experiential marketing technology with BTL advertising, proves to be an effective medium for brands to keep the audience at the event engaged while evoking a sense of fun amongst them thereby reinventing the dynamics of out of home advertising.

As digital marketing has become universal, advancements in technology have empowered the marketing campaigns, opening doors to new ways of interacting and engaging customers.

Augmented reality photo booths have become the heart of brand events. It has allowed brands to interact with its customers in the most frolicsome way out. We are in a digital world with digital techs doing wonders, empowering new concepts and ideas to leverage.

In the past few years, Augmented reality has made its place in the marketing sphere and has grown enormously well. A large percentage of digital marketers and advertisers are incorporating the touch screen smart mirror equipped with AR technology as a part of a BTL event to carry out their brand event and make noise in the competitive marketing sphere.

AR technology is used by a large number of marketers to create original, interesting and engaging marketing campaigns to keep today’s modern customers hooked, thereby giving them memorable experiences to reminiscence in the long run. Augmented reality photo booths or you call it the magic mirror photo booths are an effective way to add magic to your event and are an effective medium to carry BTL advertising. In this article, we will share what is augmented reality or the magic mirror photo booth? How does it work? And how has it reinvented BTL advertising?

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Let’s get started! 

What Is an Augmented Reality Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

The magic mirror photo booth as the name suggests is a new age photo booth, that spells the magic of placing real images in the virtual background from the array of options available. AR magic mirror photo booth is the first choice for digital marketers to equip the event.

It is a full-length >touch screen smart mirror photo booth that works on augmented reality software. It helps users to get clicked with virtual settings and the latest video effects. The touch screen smart mirror allows the audience to interact with the brand directly by selecting the most desirable options thereby engaging them throughout the event.

In this colorful technical world, augmented reality gives unique and memorable experiences to the audience present at the event.  A perfect combination of hardware and software creates today’s digital AR photo booths that prove to be an effective tool for pulling out advertising campaigns, thereby delivering unique and astounding experiences.

How Augmented Reality Magic Mirror Photo Booths Work

As we say AR photo booths spill the magic, it’s time to get lost in the wanderlust.  Augmented Reality magic mirror photo booth gives a magical experience to its users. Attendees at the event need to simply strike a most captivating pose in front of a touch screen smart mirror and get themselves clicked with varied options they are exposed to.

The touch screen smart mirror offers the user with various 2d and 3d characters, various props and multiple backgrounds to choose from and get clicked with them as they exist in the real environment. In a modern digital photo booth, the green screen gets replaced with the selected virtual background options.

AR software allows you to pose with your friends at the photo booth as it can detect multiple faces. It’s time to enhance your fun experience at the event even further, by striking funny and spontaneous poses with your squad. Possibilities of fun just get doubled when you click with your echelon.

AR mirror photo booths allow users to get instant snaps of their fun clicks which they can keep as a souvenir of an event. The users can even create a fun video of their experiences to share on social media with friends and family, thereby helping brands to gain more exposure and attract a new customer base.

Engagement analytics & gaze detection software can be further added to track the response of the audience and digital content shared on social platforms. To buy a magic photo mirror or hire an Augmented Reality mirror photo booth for your next event and run your marketing campaign successfully, understanding your business needs is a must.

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How Augmented Reality Photo Booths Has Reinvented BTL Advertising

Smartphones are one such thing that today’s modern customer can’t live without. Clicking selfies has become a day to day part of lives for all. With the advancements in technology, introduction to various filters in the apps like Snapchat and Instagram has made customers exposed to the AR experiences, which they tend to enjoy and get engaged with.

With the evolution of technology and the aim to deliver brilliant and unforgettable brand experiences, AR reality photo booths came into play that has been incorporated by several marketers in BTL campaigns. AR Magic mirror technology has completely revolutionized the BTL advertising by engaging more customers and delivering unforgettable experiences that connect the audience with the brand. AR experiences are loved by users as it evokes jollity in the entire event which is alone enough to keep the audience hooked and booked for the event.

With the evolution of touch screen smart mirror with AR software, deliver captivating experiences. On ground or >BTL advertising campaigns are completely reinvented by the digital photo booths as it delivers magical experiences to its users that demand a little extra, thereby expanding the brand family with little extra effort.

Application of AR Mirror Photo Booth in BTL Advertising

With endless possibilities of customization, AR Mirror photo booths can be used by various brands for BTL advertising. Augmented reality mirror photo booths can have different applications in different sectors that suit best with the brand or business structure.

Jewelry or an accessory brand can leverage from augmented reality mirror photo booths by giving an impression of brand items on the user whereas a makeup brand can benefit from AR Mirror photo booths by allowing customers to try tones and shades virtually, to check which suits them best before making a purchase.

Hospitality domain can benefit from AR technology by placing the person in exotic locations virtually thereby giving them a glimpse of an astounding view and feel of a perfect place to get clicked.

Apart from it, AR photo booths can be used in any sports event, festive events, school fetes, corporate events or even at a wedding ceremony, magic mirror photo booths just hold the sight of a beholder and leave a lasting impression. Get clicked with perfect technology! Time to say cheese.

Final Word

AR magic mirror photo booths are a perfect fit for any event that gives a novel breath to old forms of BTL advertising. >AR photo booths can simply carry out your marketing campaign with magical filters that help in promoting your brand thereby making a buzz in the town.

Advertise your products with realistic virtual images or use props from virtual 3d and 2d images, AR Mirror photo booths serve all.

Transforming sluggish things and surroundings into astounding experiences and dream-like locations are just a click away with an AR touch screen smart mirror. Allow your users to have a story of an event which is worth sharing if you have not yet tried your hands on AR Mirror photo booths, now is the time to get started and plan your next digital marketing campaign. Consult vendors available in the market to buy interactive magic mirror photo ops or touch screen smart mirror for sale for your next event.

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