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#5 Tips to Build Team Spirit in Your Small Business

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It is well said that collective efforts amp up inclusive growth. Your business grows when your employees work together and cooperate with each other. What’s more, a good team spirit helps increase morale in your organization.

In any organization where there is an excellent team spirit between its employees, problem-solving becomes easier as folks with their own set of skills and knowledge work together to find some creative solutions to work-related problems.

Without good team spirit in an organization, it is difficult for a business to sustain in a highly competitive marketplace. In fact, 86% of employees working in the corporate sector believes that workplace failures are directly related to a lack of cooperation or ineffective communication between their employees.

Here are some tips on how smart businesses can improve team spirit :

1- Make Each Team member Responsible

Every business grows by its team and a team cannot succeed if a team member focuses on personal goals rather than team success. A team does well with collective accountability.

It’s true to the major extent that when a business delegates an area of responsibility and authority to just one employee, it risks of destroying the teamwork of people who see themselves as peers. This course of action may result in jealousy among employees and cost the business.

To overcome this issue, a business should promote collective responsibility by delegating its roles as a team. Mutual support from all fellows is the key to establish a great team spirit.

A small reward or bonus on achieving target could spin magic for the business, as we all know people don’t like count on others performance for a good part of their pay, to get good compensation they not only do their part also help others to do their part as well.

2- Get Your Team Members Involved

Somebody said it right that “Teams are not born; they’re built”. Communal decision-making is a key element in building team spirit. According to an Entrepreneur magazine article, employees that are not involved in defining business goals are unlikely to feel invested.

Today e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart, recognize this principle by submitting its annual goals to a business-wide vote, where employees submit their bunch of ideas, which are then carved down on a points system and the company finalize their final 10 goals.

Instead of keeping their employees as a spectator in major decisions, they allow them to become participants, which significantly raises team spirit.

Getting every member involved not only gives the opportunity to get to know each other better also help to create an environment where every worker feels they have an investment in the outcome.

3- Encourage Team-building Activities

Believe it or not; We don’t like to be in the office all the time. To retain the moral of the employees, management should plan activities that encourage team spirit.

There are a variety of sports and health-related activities that could get employees out of their seats for some time. Activities ranging from basketball to wall climbing or trekking not only motivate employees to work as a team also help them to stay healthy in this busy lifestyle.

When an organization promotes team building and fitness activities, it shows how the organization is committed towards their employees and their health. Management should set aside an hour every week from their scheduled work time to bring together activities like yoga, wall climbing, volleyball, basketball or any other games.

For example- Google’s office in Zurich offers meetings in the jungle lounge, offer free massages, and perpetually full refrigerators to their employees Google believes that if people feel comfortable at work, they become more productive.

For added fun, management can announce prizes for the best team or individual – it could be something as simple as a $10 lunch voucher, gift cards or something similar to that like an engraved trophy.

4- Praise and Prize Extra Efforts

One of the best ways to improve team spirit in the business is by recognizing employee performance and rewarding their extra efforts. Rewarding excellent teamwork is one of the best things to compliment your employees.

If someone exceeds their job and supported the company to the utmost level, make sure they feel valued for their efforts. Do not forget to appreciate and reward those employees who try to help the needy, even if it does not fit with the company’s goals.

Showing gratitude for altruistic behavior is a great way to create an amazing and friendly working environment. Of course, everyone loves to have a job where people are rewarded for helping each other, with this effort by the management teamwork will naturally improve.

You can reward your staffs in the form of kind words from their department supervisor or a photo in the company’s official newsletter describing the performance or by giving them a bonus for their efforts.

5- Have a Proper Communication Channel

A proper communication channel is vital for successful teamwork. From a practical point of view, you can improve office communication by printing a formal communication policy. This company guideline should mention the ideal communication channels for distinct scenarios like- how to communicate with people who do not speak English, how to handle workflows, etc.

From a cultural point of view, the management team must set a good example with a transparent communication channel. A great way to implement this is by encouraging managers to listen carefully to their subordinates and ask them for impartial opinions.

If managers behave in ways that make life difficult for their teams, but staffs are scared to raise the voice because they could be fired, this can be a problem. In a survey of workers in the UK, 42% of peoples said that they quit their job because of a bad manager.


Team Spirit isn’t something that we can vigorously impose upon our staffs. Instead, good team spirit will naturally occur when there is a healthy workplace, where staffs are treated as valuable assets and where open communication is celebrated.

By promoting collective responsibility, getting everyone involved, organizing team-building activities, rewarding extra efforts, building a proper communication channel, a business can improve team spirit in their organization.

What about you? Do you want to share any other tip on how business can improve team spirit?

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