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5 Great Team-Building Venues to Consider

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If you run a high-performance sales team, you won’t need reminding how important team spirit is, and with the pressures of heavy competition, there are times when you need to put your key people in an environment where they can develop as a team. As a business owner or manager, we must always try to inject new experiences into the team, which helps them to grow individually and as a unit, and involving them in challenging and inspiring activities, you are boosting their abilities and bonding as a team.

Here are just a few ideas if you are looking to create a team event for your key players.

Sailing – If you have 6-10 people in your team, you could have them go out with an experienced skipper on a yacht, and he would have your people doing specific tasks, which is quite challenging at the best of times. Most sailing schools would be able to accommodate a day out when a novice crew is allowed to try their hand, and they would learn a lot about sailing, and each other, as working as a team is vital when sailing on a large yacht. This is a challenging day out in many ways, plus the outdoors offers a healthy environment for everyone involved.

Celebrations – When the team has smashed their quarterly targets and you’re looking to celebrate, there’s always party boat hire in Sydney, which is ideal for a celebration and fun. You could combine the celebration with a few activities that are designed to develop team-building skills, and there’s no better time than this to crack open a few beers and the champagne and wind the music up. The skipper would be open to your ideas regarding the route, plus the menu and the bar would be of your choosing, and you can stay on the harbour as long as you wish. An online search will take you to a local company’s website, where you can view their many packages, then when you are ready, you can make an online enquiry or booking and hope for pleasant weather. A buffet dinner would be ideal, plus you could arrange a few fun games while reminding the team of the up and coming challenges they will soon face.

Hiking – You could select one location in, say, Hunter Valley, and from that point, your team splits into twos and threes and each group takes a different hiking trail. You could make it as hard as you think is appropriate, and being out in the fresh air with other team members will do nothing to dampen team spirit. Being together in the natural beauty will bond them as a team, plus every person will get to know their colleagues a little better, as they negotiate their way through beautiful landscapes. You might wish to break up the trek with lunch at one of the 5-star restaurants, of which there are many in the Hunter Valley region, the home of the best vineyards in Australia.

Paintball – A day out at a paintball venue would be great fun, plus it gives your people a chance to plan their strategy, and pit their wits against their teammates. This is a very addictive past time and something that your team will definitely want to repeat sometime in the future. If you don’t know of a paintball venue, Google is your best friend and you can book the venue online for your chosen date, and there would be quite a few adventure providers in the Sydney area if you are looking for another type of combat experience.

Whale Watching – Sydney is the perfect place to get close up with Humpback Whales, as they migrate to and from the Antarctic and the warm waters off QLD. You can find whale watching boats online and you could charter your own boat, which makes it a private function, and one thing is for sure, every team member will always remember their close encounter with these majestic creatures. Whales have very distinctive surface behaviours and you could set the team a task to try to find out what we know about such behaviour, or indeed, about whales in general. Of course, there are no guarantees with whale watching, but if you are in-season, the chances of at least one good sighting are high and will be a truly memorable experience.

Next time you are looking for a suitable venue and activity for your team, all of the above are excellent ideas, and with online solutions, everything can be arranged, and your team can prepare for an amazing experience. Planning these events will ensure that your team performs well at all times, and when you feel the need for some positive input, you can search online for any of the above and keep your team firmly focused.