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Recommended Software for Small Businesses Looking for Best Productivity

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In 2020, you need to nail your productivity as a small business owner. By getting bogged down in menial tasks, you will have less chance to actually work on the projects at the heart of your business. If you are searching for the best software for improving certain areas of your business, here are some of the best options you could choose.


Should you need a little focus to your day, you should consider Trello. This allows you to create private boards with your tasks and individual lists and checklists for each one. You can add all the steps needed for a project plus a final deadline so you can see everything in one easy-to-view place. If you are concerned about mishandling your deadlines, this is a great way to keep things on track. You need to make sure that you are completing every task as they come in.


If you need an app to streamline tracking time for your team and paying them, then you should look into Hourly. Hourly is an easy employee time tracking solution that will help automate the process of collecting time cards, making sure your employees are where they’re supposed to be, and seeing how much you’re actually spending on labor. Employees clock in and out on their phones, so you know how much they worked down to the second. They can even see their time card and wages any time they want, and request time off. If you’re looking for one app that makes managing your employees a breeze, this is the app for you.


Not every business owner is a trained accountant, yet you still need to be able to manage your books correctly. Quickbooks is one of the best accounting systems on the market. It has been geared towards smaller businesses so it should be intuitive for you to pick up. Why waste time trying to correctly file your accounts when the software can do it for you. From this portal, not only will you be able to manage your income, but you will also be able to pay taxes and other expenses as well as manage your payroll and wages from one easy location.


Every business has to deal with marketing and customer management in some way. One of the best tools to allow you to do so is Hubspot. The great thing about the Hubspot program is that, at its core CRM function, it is completely free. Though you can subscribe to their additional tools if you need them, the core program will allow you to effectively manage your content, marketing, and contacts in one. No matter what industry your business is in, you need to get your sales and marketing strategies to be as effective and as well-managed as possible. Hubspot is the program to help you do so.


A good social media strategy is key for many businesses. With the right strategy, you can reach out to any number of new customers and drive engagement through your posts. Many brands are discovered nowadays through sites like Facebook and Instagram and, in addition to making your posts the best they could be, you need a place where you can manage them all. Hootsuite is a social media manager that lets you effectively manage your content across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. If you want one place to layout and effectively plan your social media strategy, this is going to be the best tool for you.


Many business softwares are designed for use with Windows. While many businesses do choose to use PC systems, there are some who prefer Macs. However, this can be difficult for running a business as it means that you won’t have access to nearly as many of the same tools as a Windows user. That is where Xero comes in. It is an easy-to-manage accounting software compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. There is also integration with 500+ other programs built-in, so no matter what you should be able to complete your tasks whether you are a Windows user, a Mac one, or you need to bounce between the two.

In business, you cannot afford to let yourself get held back by trivial tasks. The above softwares can help you manage your staff and day better no matter what your business might be. They can help you to streamline and manage your company in a much more productive and effective manner. Identify the areas of your business that need help and find the right tool to combat them now.

You should also try to track the hours that your team is working so that you are not ever overpaying them.

Take everything that we have discussed in this article into consideration and see what it can do for your business. Hopefully, you’ll be able to save some money along the way and your profits will increase as the year goes on.

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