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6 Offline Ways to Kickstart Your Startup

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While the World Wide Web is a great place to market your business, you still have to recognize the fact that not all your target customers can be reached through digital marketing. Despite the emergence of new technologies, there still are people who don’t rely on mobile phones and the Internet for information. For a startup, you may need to first introduce your business offline before you focus on digital marketing. To boost your reach and presence while introducing your new business, here are some offline ways to kickstart your startup.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is also an effective way to market your business. Every day, people go out so there’s a high chance for your business ad to get noticed. Billboards are one of the most common types of outdoor ads but if you want to try something fresh to the people’s eyes, you can use air dancers. They work well in attracting customers and keeping their interest in your business.

Coupons, Flyers, and Handouts

Who doesn’t want to save money from merchandise? Whether it’s food, groceries or other shopping items, people will always love saving some bucks from coupons. This type of marketing has proven to be really effective and is widely used by business owners up to this day. Likewise, flyers and handouts are efficient print materials that are easy to read and carry. They may seem old school but they are still effective in reaching your target customers and introducing your products.

Low-Cost Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads are also popular in offline marketing but they can also be expensive. Since you’re just starting your business, you may look for more options where you can save some money. Only utilize low-cost newspaper ads to help reduce marketing costs. Make sure to include all the information you want to share with your target market to make the most of your money spent on the ads.

Media Giveaways

You can also use the media when giving freebies to your customers. You can go to your local radio station and offer giveaways in exchange for free advertising. Think of items in your business that you can use as prizes and if you are offering certain services, you can offer a free consultation. It will not only give your business free exposure but it will also engage listeners and increase the rating of the radio program.

Business Cards

Business cards used to be necessary for every business owner but nowadays, a lot of business professionals get disheartened when people just throw away their business cards. Even they are cheap, they won’t go to waste if you know what to incorporate in your business card. Make sure you don’t just put your business name and contact information but include something that will engage your target customers such as a coupon or a brief list of what they will get from buying your products.


If you’re a business professional, you should have an immense business network and a large circle of friends and colleagues. Each of them can contribute to the success of your business and if you want to grow your network, take advantage of various events or shows where you can meet a lot of people. You’ll be surprised by how many of them can be your target customers or actual buyers.

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