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How To Launch A Home Interior Design Business

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There’s a wide breadth of opportunity in interior design, but unfortunately, much of it is reserved for the experienced businesses. After all, many like to book the services of those who’ve got years of good jobs under their belt, so for those fresh to the trade, things can be tough at first.

However, there are a few strategies that you can implement to ensure your own venture gets off to a good start. But what do they involve?

Consequently, here’s how to launch a home interior design business.

The fundamentals

Obviously, home interior design businesses require a plethora of equipment and tools to get the job done. Companies like RS Components are a good place to go to for any kind of quality apparatus that you may need. Once you and your staff are sufficiently supplied and trained to utilize your gear, you’ll be able to provide a more rounded and expert finish to any work you do. You’ll also look more able and professional.

Additionally, stylish workplace premises will be needed that doesn’t undermine your eye for design. After all, you shouldn’t be taking calls and reviewing paperwork in the same place where you store all your equipment. You’ll also need to register your business and apply for numerous licences, and acquire mandatory employers liability insurance if you’re taking on staff and public liability insurance to safeguard customers.

Establish your target market

No business fresh to the field can do everything. In the beginning, you’ll need a refined focus, and that includes establishing the parameters of your target market. To do this, you’ll first need to decide what renovations and kind of designs you’ll be specializing in. Only then will your customer base start to be really fleshed out and truly defined.

Much of interior design comes down to vision. Do you remodel kitchens and/or living rooms? Perhaps antique furniture and refurbishments are your firm’s forte? Once you’ve clearly outlined your goals, a more concrete customer base will follow. After all, if you claim to do everything in the design arena, you’ll simply be lying and exaggerating, and customers will assume your firm is dodgy at best. Commit to one trajectory and expand only when further successes come your way.

Brand awareness

Home interior designers new to the trade need to build up a presence very quickly to build that sense of openness, trust, and familiarity. Start with advertising and marketing by designing your own logo and color scheme. You can then implement these into all promotional materials, such as an online website that’s rife with SEO blog articles and features. Contact details, customer reviews, industry insights, company news, design portfolios and more can all feature there.  

There’s also the case that, even during some of the best renovations, customers and clients need a lot of stamina to see it all through. As an interior designer, try to develop services that have their needs and wants at the core to build your reputation; accurate time estimates for the jobs at hand, quick and honest quotes, returning calls and not canceling. It can seem like many interior designers send customers through numerous hoops, so be easy to work with and accommodating. Customers will go on to recommend your services to others, and you’ll get more business!


It’s important that interior design businesses think strategically and practically. Success depends on their commitment and the trust customers have in them. Once they’ve taken the appropriate steps to build that robust report, an influx of success, interest and satisfied customers will follow.

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