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5 Type of Business Startup Ideas for New Business Owners With Low Investments

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Want to start a business, but don’t know where to start from and think you don’t have the required finances?  Here are a couple of ways through which you may get ideas to start a new business or at least a side business to live the life you have always wanted to.  

Here are 5 types of business startup ideas, just to tickle your brain.

  • Online/E-commerce – Over the past 3 years there’s been a huge rise in
  • social media influencers,
  • online stores,
  • youtube bloggers and
  • e-commerce in general.

Any of these fields are now hot in the market and open to all. Anybody who is creative to come up with a unique topic or anything that you think is valid has the potential to make you the next big thing.

  • Hospitality Sector – This is one sector that keeps on growing if you have great quality food. There is a huge demand for it. Some of the most wanted categories are:
  • home cooked meal or
  • healthy calorie wise portioned
  • ready to go meals

This could be a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in healthy eating and cooking or just cooking.


Finance & Accounting sector – how to handle cash and maintain a proper accounting book is a skill few posses and this sector never has too many people. The finance and accounting sector currently has a huge opportunity for people who are well versed with tax and bookkeeping skills. A business formation with a focus on tax and bookkeeping

definitely is an untapped area of potential.


  • Marketing Area Marketing covers a variety of programs such as,
  • social media management,
  • Google Ads and Analytics,
  • SEO
  • SEM

This in itself is a huge entrepreneurial opportunity. To enter into the marketing field one should be immensely creative and preferably with certificate skills. Google provides free coaching to all who wish to learn google ads skills. If you have the interest and passion for this, don’t let a test come in between you and your dreams.



  • Technology – In this age and time, one can never go wrong with technology. With the right accessories and training, you could teach yourself the latest technological advancements that could lead to a business startup.


  • Chatbots
  • AI
  • Coding
  • Robotics,

any of these areas could be your “anti-kryptonite”.


     Those were broad perspectives of areas you can choose from to start your future venture.   

Here are a couple of business ideas that might help you gain a bit more clarity on what is it that you truly have the passion for.


  1. Business Consultant – The present-day consultant does not limit themselves to just sound business advice, but rather offer much more. For eg:
  • business plan making,
  • SEO consultants,
  • business consultancy specialized in the area of sustainability.


  1. Catering/tiffin services – There is always a demand for good food. Start up a healthy homemade catering service. Within no time, you’d have phones ringing off the hook.


  1. Tax preparation and bookkeeping – This is a very rare and much sought after skill in UAE right now. The best part about it is that you don’t need a certification in accountancy or bookkeeping, just mad skills with numbers.


E-commerce/ Online Store – There can never be too many shopping sites and no one can offer everything. Find out ou niche product in the market and create a

  • website or
  • an app to start up an online store.
  1. Making Chatbots – we are in an era where AI and robots are sort after. Chatbot creation does not need any coding or professional training as such. You can get the how-to online. This skill could be the start of your new business.


Now, you might have a couple of  ideas swimming around as well as a good dose of  inspiration? – Great!

Now for the grow-up stuff- All things cost money and where to even set it up?


Dubai has a lots of spots that offer – legal and sales advise, guide you through visa processes and the best part about these places- Tax Exemptions!

Two words – Free Zones.


To conclude, this is a small summary of all the above. There are various fields in business that does not require an office or a requires a very minimal number of staff and a small office.


  • The first part of this article is basically the various fields that don’t need a big office or a huge number of staff. It is good enough to run a successful small scale business in Dubai.
  • The next section of the article is a bit more refined version of the earlier section. It gives you business ideas that could be implemented to form a business in dubai with minimum or low investment .
  • The next portion gives you options on prime locations that you could set up your company. Among the descriptions, the advantages of starting a company in a free zone area has also been mentioned.
  • The above suggestions and ideas are all only to help you understand the variety of the market. The list does  not end here. It goes as long as you can imagine.
  • Only go ahead with an idea if you are truly passionate about it, because you will have to do it for the next 15-20 years.


You were reading this, because you wanted things to change, and you are prepared for this change. All you have to do now, is selector come up with an idea.

This article was to give you an idea about the different perks and opportunities in the market.


Well, now is your chance. Mahatma Gandhi, once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Now, it’s your decision to grab that opportunity and seize the moment.

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