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10 Ideas to Start an Online Entertainment Ecommerce Business

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Starting your own entertainment business is no less challenging than climbing a mountain, especially when you take it online. Not only you need an initial investment on money as well as planning, but it is also quite a stressful task to decide which business idea is worthy of seeing the light of the day.

So to help you out, here in this blog, I have developed 10 such ideas to start your own online e-commerce business.

Table of Content

1.Event and Party Planners

2.Wedding Marketplace

3.Entertainment Coupons

4.Entertainment Listings and Reviews

5.Gigs Booking Marketplace

6.Event Furniture & Equipment Rental

7.Entertainment Blogging

8.Costume Rentals

9.Band Rehearsal Space Rental

10.Organize Listening Parties

1. Event and Party Planners

From kids to granddads – everyone wants to party sometimes, and so event and party planners are growing by leaps and bounds. Nevertheless, locating an excellent party planner who can arrange for the exact party theme is always a real ball and chain.

Now, what if you took away all this hassle? You can contact event and party planners and list all their profiles along with their offered themes – on your online marketplace. You will be earning quite a lot from the commission for each booking, party planners subscription fees, as well as featured ads!

2. Wedding Marketplace

Everybody loves weddings, and therefore so do entrepreneurs. A single wedding combines many businesses together, such as catering service, florists, bands and so on. So what if a wedding planner found all of those services in a single place, on your online marketplace, specializing in weddings?

You list all the services with proper category division and wedding planners pick their choices. You profit from subscriptions, commission for each booking, featured listings and paid ads.

Examples- WeddingParrot, The Knot

3. Entertainment Coupons

Discount coupons are never going out of biz, and therefore, neither are you, if you are the owner of an online coupons website. Classify the entertainment services you aim to deal with and then get entertainment companies and businesses to advertise discounts on those specific products and services!

Your money will come from the subscription fees from these companies, and other related ads.

Examples- RetailMeNot, Groupon

4. Entertainment Listings and Reviews

Opening a listing and review website is one of the simplest ideas, but quite a profitable one. All you have to do is list detailed information about upcoming events and parties. You can also add a reviews section for feedback from visitors to these parties.

You earn from featured reviews, membership fees, advertisements on your website, as well as commissions from all these event and party planners for successful bookings.

Examples- The List, Eventbrite

5. Gigs Booking Marketplace

Event planners are high in demand right now, and so are entertainers. Hence the entertainment gigs industry is one of the fastest growing sectors at the moment, which means opening your own online gigs marketplace now is the best thing since sliced bread.

All you do is list profiles of performers like singers, dancers, magicians, and the like on your page which connects them with event planners. You make revenue out of membership fees from the performers and the event planners, a commission for each successful booking, featured listings and paid ads by performers.

Examples- Gigsalad, Gigmasters

6. Event Furniture & Equipment Rental

No event can be a success without the right props, but often the required furniture and equipment are unavailable or purchasing them for just one day is too expensive.

You can solve this problem by opening an online rental marketplace where you list the most common items in events, from various sellers. You make revenue via a commission from your sellers, a percentage of the rent, featured listings and paid ads.

Examples- PartyRent, Rencher

7. Entertainment Blogging

If you are into writing, entertainment blogging can be a very profitable business for you. You can offer tips and tricks to plan various parties, write how-to articles on event business and marketing, or even write about your own opinions about various kinds of events happening around.

You earn your profit through ads and affiliate marketing on your blog, promotions from sponsors, by selling memberships and your own products, and of course, Cost per click (CPC).

Examples- Bizzabo, Mindy Weiss

8. Costume Rentals

From Halloween to theater performances, people need costumes round the year. Yet enough costumes with exact specifications are never available with the same seller.

Evidently, an online costume rental marketplace has huge potential to grow. You list sellers and their offered costumes and accessories on your portal so that the buyer now has plenty of options for his/her requirements. You profit from each rental booking, seller subscriptions, featured listing and paid advertisements.

Examples- book costume, Arlene’s costumes

9. Band Rehearsal Space Rental

If you ever played drums at home, you know how annoying your neighbors can be about it, and also how finding just the right place for the noise makes everyone happy. That’s why it is such an assured business idea!

Your only job is to contact people willing to rent out remote locations or sound-proof rooms on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis and list them in your online marketplace with all the details. Bands contact the owners, and you make money out of each successful booking, featured listings and paid ads.

Examples- MusicNomad, PianoMe

10. Organize Listening Parties

The same taste in music always brings strangers close, so listening parties just for listening and discussing music are always great hits! However, as of now, they are not held as frequently or systematically as they deserve.

You can contact willing hosts and have your own online marketplace to list them with details on their hosting venue, pictures of previous parties hosted there, food and drinks permitted by them, a copy of their liquor license, and of course, their musical preferences. Willing listeners can select hosts and buy tickets according to the hosts’ quote, and you make revenue from commission on each successful spot-booking, featured listing, and paid ads.

Even new singers or bands can come to your marketplace to pay hosts to promote their new albums and you get a commission from such bookings as well.


No matter how much the world changes, entertainment is going to be the biggest industry forever. Once you move beyond the initial struggle, this business grows itself, which makes it one of the smartest fields to choose from. So what are you waiting for?

Let us know in the comments below which idea was your favorite.

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