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7 Marketing Ideas Ideal for Startups companies

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Why do some startup companies make it and some don’t? What is the secret? Although numerous startups have great products, some fail and end up in a virtual graveyard while others eventually become a big hit.

Startups can be the next big thing when they combine hiring quality staff that believe in the product, investing in customer satisfaction, and an outstanding marketing campaign targeting their ideal customer.

Although the first two components are essential, this article focuses on marketing ideas that startup marketing consultant can utilize in propelling a new startup business on the path to success.


1. Investing in Inbound Marketing Collateral

Having a great website and social media can accentuate your online presence and help drive your inbound marketing efforts. Successful startup companies use their inbound marketing presence to generate qualified leads instead of paying sales reps to make cold calls, relying on a prospect’s rare response.

Inbound marketing is efficient for business, and all startups should adopt it. Additionally, lean operations are how you leverage an inbound marketing campaign’s automation capability with SEO at the forefront.

When you practice an inbound marketing strategy with SaaS SEO Services leading the charge, you can provide value to your website visitors, creating a scalable, long-term marketing funnel that generates revenue.

2. Incorporating Value-driven Email Marketing Campaigns

Have you considered using an email newsletter? Rather than spamming, the right way of utilizing email newsletters is to provide value.

Your core customers sharing the good news about your company is essential in your marketing campaign. Also, including social sharing buttons at the bottom of all your newsletters can help your readers share it on any social media of their choice, helping your contact database grow.

Although you will want to share industry news, product updates, and occasional promotions in your email newsletters, it is best not to bombard your leads. When running email marketing campaigns for your leads, use drip sequences to drive leads to download other content offers or watch your product demo video.

3. Using Keyword-Rich and Page-Supporting Blog Content

Blogs are critical for driving qualified traffic to your website from many sources, especially when you write consistent content with internal linking to your core site pages. They are also one of the best investments of time.

Your blog posts can rank for high-value keywords with the right social media promotion and proper page optimization. Ensure that your blogs share valuable information for solving problems rather than using it as a forum for discussing how great your company is.

Blogging is one of the best practices for good SEO. Interviewing thought leaders in your industry or featuring your business growing tactic is excellent content for your blogs.

4. Utilizing PPC and Display Advertising

Buying visits to your site rather than earning them organically is one of the simplest and cost-effective marketing strategies for early stage startup companies. Bidding for ad placements in search results is a popular form of PPC advertising.

When using the PPC and display advertising strategy, it is best to take time in researching keywords, choosing the best and placing them in well-organized campaigns before setting up your optimized PPC landing page that converts visitors to leads

5. Investing in Thought Leadership

Your website can drive your business when used as an educational tool because viewers can get valuable information while building your brand authority simultaneously. Linking a YouTube channel to your site or sharing it in your email newsletter can get more readers to check out your company. Regardless of how you go about, keeping information relevant and brief is essential in not boring your potential customers

6. Keeping Your Marketing Tactics Humble

Overmarketing yourself makes you look arrogant and turns people off. Although it is essential to set a precedent for your thought leadership in the marketplace, overdoing it can turn people off to your company. It is best that a member of your team, conversant with the tone your content needs, should triple check all content pieces about to be released.

7. Consistently Publishing New Marketing Content

Regularly publishing new content keeps you and your team on schedule; it is essential to the marketing success of your tech startup. You can use a Content calendar, which is free, to keep track. Content calendars are easily available – all you need is a simple google search.

Investing in software like AirTable, CoSchedule, HubSpot, or Curata is an ideal alternative. Regardless of the chosen route, consistently publishing new content is vital. Additionally, Google search algorithms love new content because it keeps people engaged with your site whilst adding more value

It is important to note that whenever you add value to Google’s perception of your website, the site ranks better.



The quality of your marketing campaign is essential to the success of your startup. Incorporating the marketing ideas discussed in this article can accelerate the growth of your startup.


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