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Optimal Staff Scheduling Can Increase Retail Sales up To 8%

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Any strategy that helps to increase sales is welcome. Especially, in the turbulent times, we are living in today.

While many of the strategies require structural changes or large investments, others are fortunately very simple and quick to implement.

It is often enough to change the approach or the tools we use to organize the day-to-day tasks of the company, such as those related to planning and personnel management.

A task that, when optimized, can lead to a significant increase in sales.

This is indicated by recent studies, confirming that retail companies that invest in staff planning software register an 8% increase in sales.

Workforce software is expressly created to help retail companies organize and manage employee’s schedules, shifts, and working methods to ensure optimal staff coverage at all times, directly impacting customer service, employee satisfaction, and of course, sales.

To do so, they use cutting-edge algorithms capable of:

  • Optimizing work shifts
  • Organizing employees’ tasks, so that they can carry them in compliance with current regulations and performance standards
  • Predicting demand with deviations of no more than 3%

All this, taking into account the different and changing regulations that exist in each sector of every country.

Staff Planning Software, the Best Ally To Increase Retail Sales

Thanks to technological advancements in artificial intelligence today, it is easier than ever to be aware of such important parameters in advance:

  • The time of the greatest customer traffic
  • The number of purchases that a specific target will make
  • The sales that are going to take place in a certain area or region
  • The number of products that will be sold for each product or product family

A series of inputs that allow a precise prediction of the right amount of workers needed to carry out every task, hour by hour, which allows the possibility of offering the best customer service.

In Short, This Is What a Staff Planning Software Does

  • Organizes employee’s shifts and distributing the tasks in an optimal way for the interests of the company.
  • Coordinating tasks between different work teams.
  • Offering a quick and effective response to unforeseen events related to human resources such as a lack of staff or an excess of staff performing a specific task.
  • Predicting the number of visits to a physical store or an online store.
  • Forecasting the number of purchases a given customer profile will make in a given period.
  • Projecting the number of sales that will be executed from different areas at different times.

The data results from the following factors:

  • The objectives of the company and/or of each of the departments of an organization
  • The labor legislation in the location where the company operates
  • The particular situation of each employee (distribution of hours, reconciliation of work and personal life, disabilities, etc.)
  • The results derived after implementing staff planning software speak for themselves. It is capable of increasing the number of total sales by 8% and reducing labor costs by 5%


Since it is an automated task, the human resources department does not have to spend a single minute on any of the management and/or staff planning tasks mentioned throughout this article. This will save them up to 60% of the time they would spend on their daily tasks, so, as retail experts predict, staff planning software seems to be here to stay.

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