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What Does Insider Threat Detection Software Do?

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Running a business can be challenging work, especially when you consider all of the possible threats to a company. While most of these threats will be relatively benign as long as the business keeps functioning smoothly, you’ll find that certain matters are a little more nefarious, and that’s what we’ll be addressing today.

Some of the most insidious threats to a business are those that come from the inside, as they have the potential to do the most damage and they tend to be the most unexpected. Insider threats have long been a severe concern, and industrial espionage is far more common than the layman would believe.

With modern technology, countering insider threats has gotten far simpler, as dedicated software can work to prevent their meddling. In this guide, we’re going to cover some of the most helpful things that insider threat detection software can do to protect a business from data leaks, sabotage, and worse.

Session Monitoring

One of the most helpful parts of any piece of employee monitoring software is the ability to watch your employees’ digital activities. Most programs will allow you to tap into a feed which will show you what your employee is doing on their device, which can be helpful for more than just preventing sabotage.

Even if you aren’t worried about a particular employee siphoning info or doing something equally suspect, session monitoring allows you to ensure that they are working instead of slacking off. This will allow a supervisor to compile performance info and then take action at a later date.


Of course, session monitoring only goes so far, as there won’t always be someone there to catch suspicious activity. Suspicious workers can be flagged for alerts in case they perform any unauthorized tasks, allowing supervisors to take action even if they aren’t actively monitoring them.

Alerts can range from small notifications upon opening the program to audible warning sounds, usually depending on the severity of the security breach. Warnings are crucial to ensure that you can take quick action in case an employee accesses sensitive data or does anything else suspicious.

Data Gathering

Beyond monitoring employees, you’ll find that insider threat detection software also helps compile information about threats. Keeping records of potential threats is crucial in the event that you wish to seek legal damages against an employee, as they will make investigations a much simpler matter.

Things like access dates, workstations and employee IDs will be cataloged in the system for later reference, and records will typically be kept for a year or longer. Of course, the exact data that is saved will vary from program to program.


Insider threat detection software may not see use every day, and in an ideal world, you’ll never have to use it, but you’re far better off being safe than sorry. We hope that this short guide has provided you with everything you were looking for.

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