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9 Conducive Software Programs That You Can Use For Business Management

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Running a business would require a lot from you. It would require your full attention, time, patience in tracking down business information and data, and your ability to multitask without compromising your efficiency. Luckily, there are useful business software programs and applications that can help you run your business manageably. These business software programs include:


The weave is an appointment reminder software that allows you to communicate with your clients via email, calls, and text messages. It also allows you to set up appointments with them and automatically sends them weave reminders to remind them of the said appointment. That way, your clients can avoid having to miss their appointments with you.

With this software program, you will get an instant RSVP to confirm whether your client can make it to the set appointment or not. If they can’t make it, rescheduling is not a problem because all they have to do is to directly set up a new schedule by selecting a new date on their phone screen for the next appointment.


To protect your business files and data, you can use Dropbox as a file safekeeping tool. Dropbox allows you to have a flexible storage plan and folders that can be shared among your business team members. These files are protected with a password, limiting its accessibility only to those trusted business members. 


Ntask is an online project management software that can help you keep track of all your list of to-do-things. With this software, you can allocate tasks to your team members without any hassle. You can also give a timeframe when to start and when to end a specific task. You can also set up collaborative meetings with your members using this tool.


Gmail offers a lot of helpful and useful features for you to utilize. It allows you to send instant emails across the globe while helping you in sorting out your received messages into a label. Gmail has a search tool that can help you find important business messages by putting the name of the sender or the subject of the message into the search box.

Your emails and messages are secured from being hacked as Gmail features 2-Step verification. Aside from the required Gmail address and password, it will also ask you for a one-time confirmation code as verification before you get to log in to your account.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a big help in tracking down business accounting activities. Most business companies use this software to organize business data and numbers. Information such as invoice reports, sales leads, financial transactions, expenditures, customer data, etc. is safely kept and updated here. 

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is a reliable live chat software that makes communication with your customers and clients accessible and convenient. Live chat software such as the ProProfs Chat can boost your sales by earning your customer’s loyalty and trust. 

In every business, complaints are inevitable. So, by installing a live chat software to your business website, you will be responsive to your customers’ concerns. The more you are responsive to your customer’s needs, the more you will earn their trust and loyalty. And thus, it will increase your chance of being ahead of your competitors.


Scoro is another business management software that can help you in organizing your tasks and projects. It contains a Project timeline that allows you to avoid overlapping tasks by setting a planned schedule for each task. It serves as an online planner that includes calendars, timesheets, and a list of tasks that you need to complete.


StudioCloud is a reliable business management system that allows your clients to sign contracts and agreements online. It is a web-based software that features billing and invoicing, email marketing, and client management. You can use this software to keep track of all your bookkeeping and billing needs.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is a free and easy to use accounting software that helps you organize your business expenses, income, invoice, and other payments. It contains a dashboard that lets you track your cash flows, profits and loss, net income, invoices, and bills using customizable graphs and charts.

This accounting software also features “Checkouts,” an e-commerce tool used in generating checkout links that you can send through email and text to your customers and clients. This checkout link can also be shared with your clients via WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.


Business Management Software helps you maintain the effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency of your business. By integrating useful and reliable software into your business, you will be able to manage all the required tasks for it to foster efficiently. You will also be able to maintain communication and stay connected with your clients and your business team members while monitoring and keeping track of your business’s progress.

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